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    Default Weather?

    How is the weather? Radar looks like crap!

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    Don't trust the weather channel's forecast. They always make it look worse than it is. If it says rain everyday, that's usually a short rain shower for about 15 minutes to an hour either early in the day 10ish or later in the afternoon 3ish. The locals call it liquid sunshine.

    Don't worry!

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    Default Weather Tks :)

    Sounds perfect!!

    We are certainly looking forward to our week.

    Steve and Ingrid

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    Looking like crap on radar, can't imagine it is a whole lot better in person.

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    Don't even look at the radar, none of us would go if we relied on that!! Seriously though, there is a chance of rain almost everyday, because it is the tropics, but don't think of it as rain, we all call it liquid sunshine, grab a drink and jump in the hot tub

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    Here are some weather sites for those who want to keep updated on any severe weather conditions.

    Don't be to alarmed about seeing daily tropical showers on the weather forecast. They usually don't last long. Just be aware that hurricane season has started.

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    While many here will give you the typical "no worries" response, it's worth noting that there is some fairly substantial weather activity in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment. Travelers who are heading to the tropics at this time of year should always double their check flight schedules and keep a keen eye on any developing storms.

    All that being said, the rainstorms usually pass rather quickly in Jamaica. And a bit of liquid sunshine in the afternoon can be very romantic. The rain is what you make of it. One night at CSA someone "borrowed" our umbrella from the stand while we were dining. Sure enough, as we walked back to our room the sky opened up with one of those amazing downpours that you only get in the tropics. I quickly removed my shirt, and gave it to my wife to use as an impromptu umbrella. We danced all the way back to our room in the drenching rain, serenaded by the tree frogs and the house band Exodus playing off in the distance.

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    Default Weather

    We just came back today from CSA and it didn't rain once, looked like it oneday but it just passed on by. It was 100 degrees though most of the days.

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    Someone posted this link on the TA forum.

    As of May 14, 2009, Couples has installed an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) at CSA. Man, they think of!

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