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    Default if you only have three days

    doing a split stay 3 days @ swept away what things would you recommend doing / seeing with the limited time,, also would you do the one luv pub crawl

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    I would just stay on the resort and take in what they have to offer. Maybe some snorkeling. The Catamaran Cruise if you can get on it. But you usually need to make your reservation for this in advance. Some people like to do Rick's or Margarittaville. But personally, I would not want to pay tourist drink prices in a loud and crowded tourist trap.

    Depending upon what nights you will be staying, you could pay the Ultimate Chocolate a visit in the Piano Bar near the Aura Lounge. We always enjoyed this. Maybe go to the Aura Lounge after that.

    When we were last at CSA, near the entrance to the Palms Restaurant, they have a bulletin board with all of the significant activities for the day. Check it at least once a day. This way you will know what is going on for that day.

    Other than that, relax on the beach and let gravity kick in. Rum Punch helps. Lots of Rum Punch, or any other of your favorite drink from the tiki hut on the beach
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    I would do the crawl and that is probably it! You can go for numerous or one walk down the beach at any point of your stay. Otherwise I am trapped by sand gravity this is a good thing!

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    Don't waste your time on the pub crawl or Ricks or Margaritaville. You will be on one of the most amazing beaches in the world. Enjoy the beach, savor the food, have a spa treatment, and unwind. Make no plans in advance, just let it happen.
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    If we only had 3 days, personally I'd skip the pub crawl .

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    Day One: Sit on the beach.
    Day Two: Sit on the beach.
    Day Three: Sit on the beach.

    That's my vote.

    Life is good

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    If I had only 3 days, I would not leave the beach. It's not worth the time. You are at one of the best all inclusive resorts - relax and enjoy it
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    You will have found paradise at CSA and will not want to leave.

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