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    Default Building #8 Renovations at CN

    Will the renovations be completed by December, 2009? Sixty-two days, ten hours and 55 minutes to go!!

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    As with any renovations it is all dependant on weather, materials and labor.

    I am sure that Couples is trying to make sure things move along as quickly as possible with the least disturbance to its guests.

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    I don't see it being a hinderance unless you are staying in building 8. I never knew it was taking place unless I walked over to that building.

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    We returned home last week and I can't see it honestly taking that long. looks like the rooms are getting spruced up. Not a total renovation. I think the same thing they just did to 6000 block rooms. Changed the sofa, chair, bed pillow etc from the red leather to blue and white striped cloth ones. Really nice, but doesn't match the rest of the decor..don't know if maybe they will change the the bed or not and the curtains. But hey...who cares anyways?!?!? We stayed in suite 6101 and the view couldn't be topped!!! newer sinks and soft furnishings. Hope your stay is as good as ours was!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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