My husband and I are looking to book a trip in the next few weeks and I think we've decided on CTI. I've read the last 85 pages of the message board but still haven't found the answers to a few things so any help would be appreciated!

I know the weather in January is warm but is it warm enough to swim without getting cold? Do I need to pack jackets for the evening or doesn't it get that cold? (Btw I'm used to weather in NC). Are shorts and tank tops enough?

I have to admit that I'm a little concerned about the wind there. Is it usually pretty windy in January? I read if out gets too windy the water sports are cancelled. Is it likely to happen this time of the year?

I know the beach is smaller at CTI but I also I believe that I read its rocky and has a drastic drop in depth pretty quick. I'm not a strong swimmer so I don't usually go out too deep. Can anybody describe how quickly and drastic it drops off and how many feet deep the water is? And is it so rocky that you would need water shoes?

I'm sure I will have more questions but these are my main concerns right now. Thanks!