We have been to CN three times and absolutely love it there. We have been dragging our feet with booking anything for this winter. Now here it is, January, it's cold and miserable and on slow days at work, I sit and dream about getting back to the island. Warm weather, great beach, awesome diving, wonderful staff, excellent food, cold Red Stripe, being alone together and spending time re-connecting with each other, etc. As couplesaholics, we all understand the process our brains go through and why we want to go back. So I start trying to plan, and I find CN has no rooms available for when we would like to go. I look to CSA and no rooms. I look to CSS and no rooms. I try CTI and I get the opportunity to book a room. We have enough miles so we can get there for miles and a couple hundred bucks. Excellent! Now, the research on the resort. We are beach people. I like to dive and relax on the beach and my wife likes to relax on the beach and read. It works out wonderfully. What else can you CTI'ers tell us about CTI? I know crabracer loves CTI. I am sure there is a ton of info out there, but honestly, call it lazy, but its easier to start a new thread and ask rather than search through a ton of pages for old info. How are the rooms? How is the beach? How are the resorts, the bars, etc. for example, one of the coolest things about the CN beach is the vendors and singers. Their calls become part of it and you almost wait for them. You miss them when you don't see them or hear them. Do they have guys walking the beach selling ciiggerettes, ciiggerettes, cigars, cigars, cigars, or jetskis, or parasailing? We loved Lychee and the asian-fusion style food, how are the restaurants and what do you have to have when you go? We don't do the nude thing so I can't see us going to the island. are there hot tubs where you can sit and have a drink, is there a catamaran cruise? How far is the Bob Marley grave tour? Knowing that we love CN will we be let down with CTI? Any info and recommendations are appreciated! Thanks?