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    Default Which beach is most private from visitors???

    Hello all! My wife and I are planning a 3rd trip back to Couples. Been to CTI twice ('09 and '13) and would like to try another Couples resort. This time we are planning on bringing along 3 other couples with us to help spread the love of Couples! My question is this.....What beach/beaches are most private? By private, I mean has the least amount of outside traffic/outside vendors? We liked the fact that the beach at CTI was blocked on both sides and feels very secluded. Any suggestions from those of you who have been to the other beaches on which are most "private" like CTI. Thank you!

    Dave and Rachel

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    Sunset Beach at CSS is a totally separate beach from the main beach.

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    CTI and CSS are the most private. Never been to CSS or CN. CTI has a sea wall to one side and cliffs to the other side. This cuts the resort off from the general public. About the only person you see that is not from the resort while on the main beach is the person who sells seashells from a paddle board. This person is very low pressure and doesn't really bother anyone.

    At CTI, Au Naturel sunbathing is done on the island only. Not easily accessed by the general public. You may only get the occasional boat, which is usually from Couples, passing by the island.

    CN will have some foot traffic from the general public on both beaches, near the water.

    CSA has a fair amount of foot traffic from the general public on the beach, near the water. There is no AN sunbathing allowed at CSA, topless only.

    Although I have not been to CSS, I think the beach is cut off from the general public similar to CTI. I am sure others who have actually been to CSS will correct me if I am wrong.

    The nice thing about Couples Resorts is that there is really no bad choice. They are all very nice but also a little different.

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    SSB at CSS. Simple. NEXT!

    oh, and it is always open and accessible, unlike the island at CTI

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    CSS and CTI are more private than CN or CSA. Both CN and CSA are on the Negril "7 Mile" beach and the first 10 feet (or so) of beach is public and vendors walk up and down. Also if you are looking AN, CSA does not offer that. At CN the vendors / public can walk in front of the AN beach however we never found them to be an issue.

    Good luck and have a great trip.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    only CSS
    beaches at CSA and CN are both public

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    Hi Dave and Rachel,

    Well...that's an easy question to answer. Other than CTI, CSS is the only other Couples Resort with private beaches. CSA and CN have beautiful beaches but they are that people can walk, along the shoreline, across the beach. CSS, like CTI, also has 2 beaches...the main (textile) and one for au natural sunbathing.

    Have a fun visit!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murtle View Post
    SSB at CSS. Simple. NEXT!

    oh, and it is always open and accessible, unlike the island at CTI
    CSS main beach is actually more private, if you account for the White River fishermen and what not. It's much like CTI.

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    Definitely css - the main beach is completely cut off

    Ssb is bordered by the white river and a public beach, and people do occassionaly walk along the beach - however - it's usually fishermen headed for the little peninsula to fish so they don't bother anyone.

    The vendors will sometimes walk as close as they can get (usually just steps out of the river) and hope you'll walk over to them but it's nothing like negril.

    The most secluded beach is the "secret beach" (aka drift away) @ css - which is just off the mineral pool, down the steps through the archway.

    At low tide we like to grab a float from the main beach, swim over to "drift away" where we are usually the only ones. .. when we get bored, we swim back to the main beach.

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