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    Default Food on the island?

    Can anyone tell us if they have a restaurant on the island? If they do is the food good?



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    They bring lunch over from the mainland and it is usually not bad, but otherwise there is just the bar.

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    They do bring lunch over from the mainland and it's pretty good. Be cautious of the wind though, we were there one day when it was only a yellow flag and the wind was blowing the salad off my plate. Still wasn't worth getting dressed and going back to eat though! lol

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    The lunch on the island is nice. There is always fish, chicken, vegetables and salad, usually some cookies or other dessert. It's set up buffet style about noon for a couple of hours. You can always run back to the mainland for something from the grill or whatever, it only takes a few minutes, but I hate putting clothes on. My husband likes to get a burger and has done that a few times.

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