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    Default Is this possible at CSS?

    If we download movies at home onto an ipad or kindle fire would it be possible to connect to the tv in the room to play them back while we are there?
    We are booked in a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite (if that makes a difference). If it's possible.... what would I need to bring to make it work?

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    I believe the flat screen tv's have a USB port on them so should be able to transfer movie to tv that way. Anybody know for sure? Could someone at/going to CSS check it out??

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    We did this using our Ipod Touch at CSS. We had to buy a certain adapter that could output hdmi and charge at the same time. The ability to charge at the same time is key due to the power required to output video. Then you need an Hdmi cable I think we used a cheap 3' (We gifted that cord to a curious staffer that needed one for a laptop). The Hdmi port on the TV is on the back side and a little hard to navigate to without a small flashlight to help locate the first time. Can't recall if we had to unplug that port to install our cable, it was a couple years ago. All worked just fine once hooked up. You should get the adapter and cord ahead of time, test it out at home so you are familiar with the settings needed to make the device broadcast video. It wasn't too hard. Good Luck
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