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    Default Timair or shuttle?

    We are contemplating booking Timair to fly from Montego Bay to CN in June(only 37 more days)!!! We're thinking it would be a great way to start our much-anticipated vacation. Anyone have any comments for or against? Any info would be greatly appreciated. We're getting more excited every day & hope the next 37 days fly. See you soon Jamaica

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    Back in the day, Couples offered a complimentary one-way TimAir flight to (or from) the resort. It was pretty cool to get the aerial view while flying along the coastline. But it really didn't save any time versus going by land, all things considered. So, I suppose it just depends on whether you'd prefer to see things from the air...or from the ground.

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    We always say, if you haven't done the bus trip, do it at least once. Take in the countryside and culture.
    We enjoy Tim Air, something about seeing the island from 2000'. Best bonus, is not having to leave the resort as early on departure day.

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    My husband and I were just at CN in December for our honeymoon, and we took the shuttle that time and would do it again. We waited at the Couples lounge for maybe 15 minutes before loading up our things onto the shuttle, and it took about 1 hr 15 minutes to get there. However, I will say that my husband gets car sick easily and while he was fine on the way to the resort, he did feel a little nauseous on the way back to the airport with the winding roads. I really enjoyed seeing some of the countryside, though, and he said that next time, he will just make sure he sits near the front of the shuttle. That being said, though, I imagine flying there would have some pretty neat views, too!

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    We have thought about using Timair but haven't, we have friends that take Timair and love it. We feel that for the cost of arriving at the resort and hour earlier and leaving the resort a few hours later we could stay another day.

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    I am going to say, that while I enjoy the bus trip, my neck is on a swivel and usually sore by the time we get to the resort, 7 or 8 trips by shuttle so far, I also enjoy the flight. My neck is not quite on a swivel as I am a pilot an more interested in what is going on, but none the less it gives you a really great view and appreciation of the surrounding sea and the clearness of the water. It is a neat way to see the resorts and 7 mile beach, or at least a portion of it. My ultimate answer is, it's your vacation and your money so do what the heart says and you will be happy. Is Good Mon!

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    Back before the road to Negril was improved my wife and I used to take TimAir almost every trip. But this was when the drive to Negril was 'consistently inconsistent' taking anywhere from 2 to as much as 3 hours... and seldom closer to the two hours! Back then the buses were far less comfortable and far less reliable than now. This was back when CSA was just "SA" and CN was just a deserted but beautiful stretch of beach with no hotel at all. These days we take the shuttle pretty much every time. It's not that long anymore and the prices to fly have gone through the roof.

    BUT... having said that I suggest that everyone fly to Negril at least once! It is breathtakingly beautiful if the weather is nice, and the first time we did it the beautiful flight was one of the real highlights of our trip. I would call it a must do at least once for that reason, but the shuttle is fine for us now for the most part since is so much quicker and so much more comfortable than it used to be. We can stay extra nights for the cost of the flights or be that much closer to affording our next trip. It just makes more sense to us to take the shuttle these days.
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    Before they fixed the road we always used TimAir after taking the 3 hr back breaking bus ride on our first trip to Negril. Now that the road is better and if the driver does not stop you can get there in a little over an hour and it is a great view of the city and countryside.

    Maybe take TimAir back to the airport since they make you leave 4 hrs before your flight. You could schedule the Timair flight 2.5 hrs before your MBJ departure and still have plenty of time

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    Thank you for your replies & thoughts to help with our decision. We would only be flying one way & taking the shuttle the other. We'll weigh the pros & cons & see what we decide, thanks again for your thoughts. Only 5 more weeks or 35 days to go, can't wait!!!

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    We've never done Timair though I bet it would be a special "extra". To me, it's similar to paying for Mobay Lounge. There's no right or wrong. It's all about perceived value. For us, the round-trip price of Timair per couple to get a few extra hours of resort time is about the same price as staying a whole extra night. We'd rather stay the extra night! We've never minded the shuttle ride. We enjoy chit-chatting with the driver and other guests, looking around at the scenery and locals there, and drinking Red Stripe on the way to the resort. Lots to see and not very long. It takes about the same time as some people's daily commute to the office.

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    Default TimAir vs Shuttle

    Quote Originally Posted by jamaican_junkie View Post
    For us, the round-trip price of Timair per couple to get a few extra hours of resort time is about the same price as staying a whole extra night.
    Actually, uinless the prices has come down, the round trip to Ocho Rios a few years ago was about $650 for the two of us. Thats a good 2 extra nites. The ride isn;t all that bad. you don;t save much time and the company is great. The view over inland Jamaica is worth the flight - once.

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    We go to CTI and haven't used the flight but friends have and enjoyed it. There some things to consider if cost isn't a problem. 1, it's a REALLY small plane so if the weather is bad, you don't fly. 2, they don't fly in the dark, 3, while you may get extra time at the resort, it's an international flight so you still have to be checked in at the airport 3 hours ahead of your flight. If you take the resort shuttle and there's an issue with the shuttle that prevents you making your fligh and you have to stay an extra night, it's Couples' responsibility. If you miss your flight because of TimAir, you are out of luck.

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