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    Default Secret Rendezvous ??

    Hoping some of you regulars may be able to answer a question concerning the secret rendezvous. I was attempting to price a trip in July using the secret rendezvous, but the calendar shows it unavailable. Is this something that becomes available closer to the dates in question? Currently it prices a secret rendezvous in March, so I would think there would be availability in shows april-July blacked out. Any info and answers much appreciated!

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    You are correct in that the SR comes out only one or two months in advance. It probably would come out in May or June for July. It's Couples way of filling the resorts at the last minute so to speak.

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    Yes I think they offer it about a month out, they use it to fill rooms at the last minute. We did it back in 09 and ended up at css plus saved a bunch of money. Good luck

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    Thank you for the replies.

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