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    This was our 3rd trip to CTI and our 1st since the rennovations. We have also been to CN twice. Trip date 8/22 - 8/29.

    Arrival: We flew USAirways direct from CLT. We've never had any issues in our 5 trips but this time one of our bags didn't make it. We arrived at CTI and check-in was a breeze. It was great to see all the familar smiling faces. We let guest services know about our luggage situation and they stayed on top of it for us. Our bag finally arrived the next evening.

    All I can say is WOW. The rennovations are completely amazing.

    Room: We had a Premier Oceanview in the new building room #2210. We really enjoyed the room nice view of the pool and ocean and convienent to everything. The shower however didn't drain very well but it wasn't a big deal to us.

    Food: We ate at all of the restuarants our favorites were 8 Rivers and Bayside. I was really impressed with how good Bayside was considering I was a little disappointed at first that they changed it from Italian. We also enjoyed the Pool Grill and Veggie Bar. We did the repeat guest dinner on Monday at 8 Rivers and had an amazing meal.

    Staff: What can I say, these are the best people anywhere. They totally make you feel at home from the minute you arrive. We met Simone from the bar staff during our first trip and always look forward to seeing her each time (have her fix you a yellow bird hers are the best). This year we also became friends with Camille and had a blast with her as well. Aintonette, Shawn and Ricardo are also alot of fun. Ulyses, Kirk, Everald and Ava were also great.

    Spa: The new spa is great. It is very beautiful and we had the best massages ever on our last day. Ask for Jenny or Icco and you won't be disappointed.

    Trading Places: We spent one day at CSS using our trading places pass. It was nice but we prefer CTI.

    As always it was hard to leave but as they told us you have to leave so you can come back. No worries there, we will be back as soon as we can.

    Michelle & Jeff

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    We had the same feeling, CSS is nice, but CTI is home!!!!
    Irie Mon

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    Your review made me so homesick!!! I can not wait to go back home and see it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!!!

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    Great review 92 days and we'll be there

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    What is the trading places pass? is it only offered to repeat guest? How far was the ride to css from cti?


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    Funny, we were at CSS and went to CTI on a trading spaces day. We much preferred CSS to CTI, although we did like CTI very much. I guess the first one you go to is the one you love the most. It was that way with my husband - he was my first boyfriend, then I married someone else. But eventually I came back to my first love and we have been married for 23 years. We can't wait to come home again - hopefully next July, if not sooner!

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    All you have to do to take advantage of the Trading Places Program is to sign up for the Romance Rewards program. Then all you need is your RR number and you are ready to go visit CTI or CSS depending on where you are staying. The ride is maybe, 10 minutes or so. They leave at 10am and return at 4pm. Have fun!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by lanellboo View Post
    What is the trading places pass? is it only offered to repeat guest? How far was the ride to css from cti?


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    Thank you, I got it, I will do I love this site!


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