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    Default CTI in March- First Trip

    Just booked a vacation for March to CTI. We have never been to an all inclusive resort before or anything like this. With only 4 nights at the resort what are the must do lists? Has anyone done the kayaking? Any tips and reassurance is greatly appreciated!!

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    Have never done the kayaking but you have to go to Dunns river and try tower island. My husband begged me everyday to go there and I refused until our last day and I wish that I would have gone sooner. It is so different they anything that I had ever experienced before.

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    Make sure to sign up for the catamaran cruise and take the Dunn's River Falls excursion. Both are lots of fun. If you do these it's always good to bring a waterproof camera! Kayaking is good...though the water can be a bit choppy.

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