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    Default May/June 2015... Got to be the furthest out thread ever.

    Wife and I are heading to CN in May/June 2015 for our anniversary. Multiple trips to Ochi, but we've decided to branch out and try another part of the Island. Hope to meet some new folks who are as great as the people we've met at CSS.

    Scott and June

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    Looks like we'll be there for the same timeframe. You are going to LOVE Bloody Bay! Keep an eye out for me, I've got the entwined palms tattoo on my upper left arm. Wife and I spend most of the time on the AN beach, but I take a lap of the resort a few times a day.

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    5/5 to 5/15 for the 2nd time...maybe we'll run into you both.

    Diana & Bob
    Celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in that's cool!

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    Headed there May 10-17 to celebrate my 50th! Hopefully bringing a few friends to join us. We love the place. We currently are on a countdown of 25 days before we arrive on August 31st. When we return I will start the countdown clock over for the May trip!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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