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    Hello all,
    We use ours to bring beer from the room as we stroll around the property. This I our first time at CSS, we've been to CN 7 times and CSA1 time. I see the property is full of paths and nooks and crannies. So I am glad to have our little goodbye cooler.
    One Love,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodbridgeata View Post
    NOPE! We're repeter's no parting gift for us!!!
    We are triple repeaters at CN and didn't get one this year, we left a week ago for MBJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetnessinthesand View Post
    Oh, and as far as what you can do with them... If you have enough, you could make a fort with them, or you could try packing them with snow, and build an igloo.
    hehe.....Where's the like button

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    We have received one every trip and now we just give it away to someone at the airport. I drink the water on the way, then give the rest away. They are a nice gesture, but we have a couple at home.

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