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    Default Vendors/ beach singers?

    Are the vendors on the beach worse at CSA then CN or CTI? Is it bothersome if you are tanning on the beach? We are looking some much needed R&R. While I understand these people are trying to make a living we don't like to be approached looking for tips. Of course while looking for trinkets we expect this and welcome it then. It just we would like to be at the beach where we will be bothered the least. The singers are cute but to do they approach you directly? Advice on this subject would be nice? this is something we haven't had alot of in Mexico or DR. Thanks

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    Hi Cravinsun,
    We never found the vendors to be a problem. There is security on the beach, which seems to keep them in line and we found them to be respectful and rather charming. We enjoyed speaking with them, but having said that, if I was lying in the sun with my nose in a book they didn't even bother me. We were never approached by the singers, but did enjoy listening to them perform for others.
    Really, they're not annoying at all!

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    No issues with vendors trying to sell stuff. I LOVE the ones that come by and sing, we usually toss them a few bucks a day.

    The singers stay down by the water unless you ask them to come up, and they are pretty respectful to not bother you much. We have been to CSA 3 times and I have not once been annoyed by any vendors.

    CN does have less vendors/singers since it is more of a private area.

    If you want to get away from the vendors, just move up a little further on the beach closer to the resort, that stops any issues.

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    The singers will set up close to the water and sing. They will place a box or hat on the sand. They may, after singing a song call out "a little someting for the boys", or a similar phrase. Then, they move on. Not a bother, but, for us anyway, part of the charm.

    Vendors are even less intrusive, mostly moving along unless you indicate you want them to stop.

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    At CTI there are no vendors on the beach. On Monday there are a few vend0rs on the front lawn. They are nice people and not pushy. At CN there are some approved vendors set up between the beach and the pool. Nice merchandise and not pushy, The vendors who do walk the beach are near the water. We have never had a problem with them.

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    We were at CN last month. We spent 3 days or so at the beach. The vendors arent allowed to approach you up close... a friendly no thanks and they will be on their way. On one occasion a singer stood in front of us, oh 20 feet away or so and started doing his 'show'. I told the beach security that we would like some quiet, and he took care of it that day and any other time they came along. All friendly and respectful... your preferences are a priority at CN, and that includes the beach guardsmen.

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    They aren't allowed to come up from the water's edge and bother you. There are security guards to prevent that. No problem, mon.
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    CSS and CTI have private beach which means no public hustlers
    CN is on bloody bay which has minimal foot tracffic compared to the traffic on long bay which is where CSA sits
    for what you want
    1) CTI
    2) CN
    3) CSA

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    You will not be approached directly is you are lounging. We never were. We did stop and talk to some vendors when we were walkign along the beach, but were never bothered during our stay at CSA.

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    There are no beach vendors at CTI or CSS.

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    I have to say I love this forum! It is always informative. I am just having a really hard time deciding and keep going back and forth between the resorts! I guess it will have to be my mission to see them all! I am starting to feel as though there is no wrong choice with Couples. I will talk to the hubby but we probably just sick to CSA. Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cravinsun View Post
    I am starting to feel as though there is no wrong choice with Couples.
    You got that right!

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