We arrive in early March - first time to a Couples resort and I'm curious about a few things:

1. Otaheite restaurant - (how do you pronounce this by the way?!) I believe this is the only one that requires reservations? How do we do this - by phone or do we have to line up? Does it book up days in advance? (just wondering if we should make it a priority the first day or so we're there).

2. What is "Sunset Bar" - the free excursion that is offered?

3. How do we sign up for the Catamaran Trip - at the watersports center, I'm assuming? Does it book up quickly?

4. How active are the activity staff? We've been to other resorts in the last few years and notice that the daytime activity staff are not as active as we felt they used to be. We enjoy getting involved in the 'stupid human tricks' nd are hoping CN is a little more happening!