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    Default CN Bathroom Remodel Updates/Pictures??

    Has anyone seen any posts or have first hand information about the CN Bathroom remodel status? And does anyone have any pictures of a completed unit? I have seen the "mock ups" posted back in Nov/Dec. but haven't seen any updates. It seems like that project was never really advertised or "marketed" by Couples as some of the other projects past and current have been.

    Were going in April and hoping they're done by then. I know the last time we were at CN the bathroom was probably the only thing that stood out as needing some help (that includes the water pressure where at times it would die to just a trickle, but I think that was corrected a while ago).

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    If you look on the CN Facebook page, there are some pics there from a guest. As far as completion. We ate dinner with Wayne (GM) in December and he said it is going to be a 2 year process. They will do buildings as bookings allow. Right now on Bldgs 1 and 2 are done.
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    thanks juli...I've seen that page before but can't seem to find it again. There's like three Couples Negril FB pages.

    I was hoping for some more recent photos and More info straight from Couples about the status and future of the project. As I mentioned (and I might have missed it) but I never saw any official announcement or confirmation from Couples such as they did for CSS and CSA and the big one from CTI a few years ago.

    If its moving that slowly as you mentioned, I wonder and doubt if any more will be completed by the time we visit in April. Hoping we get lucky and get into Building two.

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    I was looking for pictures as well on the Facebook page and could not find any. We'll be there in May.

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    bamelin posted links to pictures he took of renovated bathrooms at CN in the following thread:

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