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    Default Anyone Else Have Problem with JABLUM COFFEE's Inconsistency?

    We have been bringing many pounds of coffee back from Jamaica for many years and are hooked on it!! lol
    This last trip (December 2013) we again brought back many pounds of coffee but were surprised to see only Jablum coffee on the shelves of the gift shops. We LOVED the Coffee Traders coffee that the gift shops used to carry but bought the Jablum as that's all there was. The first bag we opened had a June 2014 expiry date and smelled and tasted awful; certainly not that lovely coffee smell and taste. So we opened the other June 2014 bag and it was the same! Tried them both and both were pretty much undrinkable. So then opened a bag with a September 2014 expiry date and it was at least drinkable. We also opened a 1/2 lb. bag with a July 2014 date and noticed that it alone was actually fully vacuum-packed tightly whereas all the others were not. Could that be the problem? We opened THAT one and it smelled heavenly and was delicious!!
    I wrote Jablum and still haven't heard anything from them. Had to toss the 2 lbs. with the June 2014 expiry date as they were just awful. That's a LOT of money to throw away!
    So now we're trying to find a new coffee bean supply here at home that we will like because I don't want to take any more chances with Jablum I'm really going to miss my morning cup of Jamaican java!!!

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    Hi...We too buy coffee each trip but not Jablum.....we usually buy Wallenford...quite good ( we buy the beans)! This time we did buy a pound of the Jablum in the airport...have not tried it yet...exp. date 11/29/2014! You are right, a lot of money for blue mountain coffee. We did see a small place in the airport selling the Coffee Traders. As you come up the stairs from security...turn left and it is down on your left, I think. Good Luck....

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    Oh thank you, jerseygirl43!! I'll definitely look for their store when we leave this Spring. I wonder if it's the same coffee that they made for Couples? Can anyone from Couples confirm or deny this please?

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    We buy Mavis Banks coffee on line. This is great true Blue Mountain coffee and the same served at Couples. We don't think the Jablum sold at the airport is as good.

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    But Jablum IS produced and packed by Mavis Bank. What's the name of your Mavis Bank coffee Beach-bum? Is it possible that Jablum's is a lower quality? A lady at one of the coffee stores at the departure area told me that there are 8 grades of Blue Mountain coffee!! So how do I find out the names of the top two or three grades and where can I buy them? I'll try looking online Beach-bum and see what I can find. Thanks!

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    It's really important to read the labels carefully. There are "Mountain Grown" coffees that are sold in packaging that closely resembles Blue Mountain Coffee. I advise looking for the words "Mavis Bank Central Factory" for authentic Blue Mountain. And make sure what you buy is vacuum-sealed. If it feels like a brick, not loose, that's the ticket.

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    What about whole bean? We still have one pound left from our trip in July, and I'm saving it, but if I can find a good (reliable) source for quality beans at a good price, i'm all for that until I can get back to Jamaica.
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