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    Default What's special this valentine's day?

    What's special you're gonna do this valentine's day?

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    Dinner and show featuring Todd O as Billy Joel

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    Valentines Day is our daughter's we wait until our Couples time to celebrate the day!

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    We have reservations at a nice restaurant. Iím sure we will talk about our trip with only being fourteen days away then. Nice Valentines gift.

    Life is good

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    Hubby and I are going out for a nice dinner! Valentine's Day is also our anniversary!

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    Begin Packing for our trip to Couples Negril.

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    We've taken vacation this week! We'll spend the first half relaxing in Reno, Nevada and then the second half in Napa, CA at a Marriage Retreat. "A Weekend to Remember"! So excited!

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    (Long time coming after vacationing in 8 other's time to return home)!

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    I thought you meant "What's special..." At the resort. Is there anything special going on for valentines day at the resort? Because that's when we'll be there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crif View Post
    What's special you're gonna do this valentine's day?
    Flying to Jamaica and arriving at CSS!

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    Our first date was on Valentine's day 31 years ago. We went to a Tom Petty concert. I leave it up to him so I get surprised every year!
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    Hope to have dinner on the beach !

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    Quote Originally Posted by FerChitsNGiggles View Post
    Our first date was on Valentine's day 31 years ago. We went to a Tom Petty concert. I leave it up to him so I get surprised every year!
    Very cool! For us, it's 26 years since our very first date, which was blind! no less, and married 21 this 8/6/15 Hoping to come back to CSA then!

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    Golf with friends and then dinner.

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    Valentine's Day is our anniversary, so we will have a nice dinner...this year at home...and we will be looking forward to our trip home to CSS a week later! :-)

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    We will be spending Valentine's Day at CSA, the most romantic place on earth. Have been there for Valentine's Day before and it was amazing. Sooo excited!

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    We'll be longing to be back home in Jamaica while Bryan cooks up a special dinner for us (one night a year he's in charge of cooking!)

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    We will be at CN!
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    Hopefully having dinner in Casanovas in CSS

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    Last year at CSS there was a special Valentine's menu in addition to the regular dinner menu in all the restaurants. All the ladies were given a long stemmed red rose when we were seated at our table and in our room there was a lovely bright red gift bag with a valentine and cookies. In the afternoon the entertainment staff at the main pool had fun games with prizes. Lots of fun and what a special place to spend Valentine's day!

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