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    Default Enough Hangers in closets?

    OK, so I am literally packing right now! We get married Saturday and are off to CSS Sunday!

    I was wondering if they provide you with "enough" hangers? I brought a dress for each day plus a few other things and I'm just wondering! Wooh!

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    I always bring extra plastic coated wire hangers - about 10-12. I leave them in the closet when we check out. I think our closet usually has about 8 hangers? Not exactly sure.

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    Nope. (Well, I don't think so, but I also pack a dress for every day -- and DH has to hang his shirts as well.) I actually pack my dresses right on the hangars (plastic ones, so they are light.) This has an added benefit in that I can then pick them up out of the suitcase, shake, hang... and voila! I'm unpacked.

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    Personally..I would bring more...There are like 10 hangers with like 5 of them made for men with the trouser hangers also attached...
    Of course this is my own personal opinion.
    Have a lovely trip!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    It will be very close if both of you use hangers. You may have to hang two items on one hanger. If you have the room and under weight, I would bring some of the metal ones.
    Irie Mon

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    I think the total number of hangers is about 10-12. If you have to share with hubby that might not be enough. But they also have dressers for his stuff
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    Default Pack them

    I pack like Vee...just pack my hang-up stuff on the hangars...put a plastic dry-cleaning bag over the entire thing...fold it, lay in my suitcase and take it as is. Unpacking is easier and done in 5 minutes...and soon we are on the beach enjoying paradise!!

    My hang-up stuff is ready...48 hours!! woot woot!!
    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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    Lisa -
    I'm so jealous. You guys will LOVE CSS. We're 3 weeks behind you to CTI, this time. Have a great time. Jana and gang will be fine.

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    There are not nearly enough hangers but what I always do is to hang several things on 1 hanger in layers. Like for example, my husband's slacks, then a t-shirt with no collar, then a polo shirt, & then a button down shirt. For me, I hang a pair of capri pants, then a sundress, & then a couple of tops over that. It's a little inconvenient but not too bad. As we wear stuff & it goes into the dirty clothes bag, it gets easier or I can hang up other stuff if I need to.

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    One suggestion: With the recession and with it being the off-season, as well as the fact that you're just married, I would have absolutely no qualms about asking for extra hangers.

    Last year, when we went to CSS for our anniversary, we ended up switching rooms, and while we most definitely did NOT "steal" all the hangers from our previous room, we did note that there were about 20 hangers in the first room and about 5 in the second - we "evened it out" a bit while in the process of switching.

    If you get this in time, you may want to throw in a few extra hangers. If not, just ask. I can't imagine they won't accomodate you.

    Congratulations on your wedding!

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