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    When you arrive and go through customs do you just go out side and look for a Couples Bus. Or I read there is a lounge do you go there.??

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    Once you clear Customs, turn to your left and you will see the Couples lounge. Go there, check in, have a Red Stripe, use the restrooms, and relax. The staff will get you on your way to your resort. Enjoy your trip!

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    NLS. When you go through customs, the area is very small and the Couples lounge is very noticable. Just walk over and you will be greeted immediately. Tell them who you are and which couples resort you are heading to. The will offer you a free drink and take your luggage and tell you that the shuttle will be ready shortly (usually about 15 minutes). Pretty simple.

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    You will walk right to the Couples lounge where you will let them know your name and resort, they take your bags for you, sit down and have a drink, use the restroom, change if you desire, go outside, etc. Vacation starts once you get through customs!

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    Couples does not own the shuttle service so there will be no "Couples Bus." But after customs, you'll enter a large room with many different resort lounges. The Couples lounge is to the left and then straight ahead. You have to check in at the Couples lounge in order to be scheduled for your free transfer in the shuttle. You can hang out there while you wait, then you'll be led to your bus when it's time.

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    I was amazed at how easy and friendly it was. You CAN'T MISS the Couples' lounge. And don't worry when they take your luggage. It will be safe and will get where it is supposed to go. Have a red stripe and relax. It won't be long!

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    Thank you so much Can't wait.

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    How is the shuttle and how long of a ride is it? We are debating using Airlink.

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    Anniv20, you don't say which resort you're going to, so difficult to answer. I can tell you the ride to CSA is about 90 minutes, which includes a drop-off at CN. The shuttle sometimes makes a "pit stop" midway. Scenery along the way is awesome!

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    Anniv20, you don't say which resort but on average, Ocho Rios resorts take 2 hours. Negril usually 1.5 hours. We love the shuttle, you get to sitesee, chat with other passengers. If your lucky, you could get a friendly driver who will give you a little island tour. The little planes are in the air for 20 minutes but spendy.

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    I suggest you put shorts and sandals in your carry on and change into them in the Couples Lounge bathroom for the ride to the resort. Then sit down, have a Red Stripe, and wait to be called to the bus. The rides vary a bit by resort but average about an hour and a half or so. They will stop along the way if you need to.

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