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    Default Couple lounge at the airport

    I read somewhere about a lounge at the airport..This is are first time to Jamaica. Staying at Couples. Do we just go straight to the lounge and they arrange our transfer??
    Cant wait March 9-16 is coming fast.. YEH!!!!

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    Yep. Technically, the transfer is arranged before you arrive. Wait times are not usually that long for a shuttle.

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    Yes you go to Couples lounge to check in. Here is what you will look for..Name:  100_1932.jpg
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    After you clear immigration and customs, you will enter an area where several resorts have lounges. The Couples lounge is at the far end. You or your travel agent should have given Couples your airplane arrival information prior to getting to Couples (so they know when to expect you). Once in the lounge, you will check in, then await your shuttle. The longest we have ever waited for our shuttle was 15 minutes. You can enjoy beer, water, or soda while your waiting.

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    After you collect your bags and go through customs, you go right to the Couple lounge. There they will arrange your transportation and get you on your transfer. They even provide Red Stripe while you wait. Make sure you bring cash to tip the red caps and the driver. They don't work for Couples and will be expecting a tip.

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    Yes. Once you make it to the lounge, the staff will greet you, take your luggage and arrange for your shuttle to the resort. Have a wonderful trip!

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    Yes: once you have gone through customs, got your bag, through imigrations you will see the Couples lounge. You tell them which resort you are staying at, your bags will be tag, your can use the restroom and grab your first red stripe while you wait for them to announce your shuttle is ready.

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    We are also going at that time and can NOT wait to get there! Anticipation and excitement level is rising daily!

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    You can also change clothes there, so make sure you have your shorts and flip flops handy! Enjoy your trip!!!!

    Bob & Lisa
    CTI Dec 2013

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