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    Default October 2015

    Tammy & Raleigh, Oct 3-10.
    8th trip to Couples, 7th to CSS.

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    and I thought LasCrs would have started this one off!

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    Drew and LuAnn, Oct. 17-24
    2nd trip to Couples 1st to CSS. We were at CN in Oct. 2013

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    Only two couples for October 2015? Amazing

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    Joe and Michelle
    2nd trip to CSS booked for Oct. 9-17!

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    We will be October 27-31 after being at CTI for four days! This will be our third trip to CSS, and seventh trip to couples by the time we are at CSS this date (meaning as of this post we still have three Couples resorts trips to hit before this one!!! ) But obviously still excited for this one!

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    Hi there!

    This will be our first trip to Couples. We will be at CSS from the 8th-11th.

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    I could have sworn I posted. The hubby and I will be there from the 8th-11th. Our first time at a Couples resort.

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    We are booked for 12th-22nd.

    6th visit to paradise. Why change now?

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    Sign me up!!! Coming back for trip number 6. September 27th to October 6th.

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