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    Default I Want to Share Some of Ray Bell's Work

    Ray Bell is a painter who will paint just about anything for you at Couples Swept Away and now Couples Negril. He is at Swept Away on Fridays and Saturdays and at Couples Negril on Tuesdays.
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    Wow! Real nice work. Love the first one.

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    ya mon wally, thnx for sharing, ray bell does a great job and has really good quality shirts, wash them in cold water with woolite and they will really last, I have some shirts that are about 15 years old that he has painted for me. he also paints some pictures, like 5 - 7 and 8 -10 s. he does special requests, so if you come down with a picture or a logo he can paint your ideas and he will bring them to life, thnx again wally for sharing, bless, waynef

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    He's very talented, jim has a shirt from years ago that still looks good so the paint is durable.

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    So do you bring the shirt & he paints on it or does he sell shirts too?
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    The shirts are included if you want. We brought our own (except for the grey one) because of the colors. I don't know what color shirts he has. He charges $20 per shirt whether you bring your own or use one of his. He charged us $50 for the first 3. The 4th one was an after thought as a gift for our neighbor and I gave him $25 for it because he made two special trips to CN to deliver them.
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    Ray does an amazing job and always is open to do anything. While out diving one day my wife met with Ray and came up with a surprise idea for me. Ray left the resort to get a larger T-shirt for me and prepared it before I returned from the dive. As I walked by his station with my wife I noticed the shirt hanging and said " I got to have that one!". It was a great surprised and I was so impressed in the extra effort he had put in.

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    Thanks Wally for this information. We just got back from CN. We brought our own shirts too but he had a whole trunk of t-shirts we could have picked from. He made 4 shirts for us. I had my kids write down what they wanted on the shirts,sunset , dolphins , palm trees. The smiles I got from my kids was priceless. My one daughter said " this is better than I envisioned". He is at CN on Tuesdays.

    If you have an idea, he can put it on a t-shirt

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