We are travelling to Couples SS in mid-March. It is our first time at Couples and we are very excited! We chose SS due to its more private setting and the romantic atmosphere I've been reading so much about.

I've read that people virtually live in their swimsuits/bikinis during the day (unless they are going au naturel). And I gather that when we make reservations for a restaurant at dinner like Casanova that we would dress up some-- a dress for me and nice pants and shirt for DH. We like to dress up some, so that will be fun! So, I was wondering, what about the other events, like the Beach Party and Starlight Gala? I'm guessing the Beach Party is ultra-casual daywear/beachwear, but do people dress up for the Gala or is it casual, too?

Also, we are booking it during Spring Break because that is our only available time slot at the moment. I imagine the airports may be super crazy? Will the resort be busy, too? I know that it being a resort for couples, it shouldn't attract the regular Spring Break crowd, but was wondering if that is a busy time, anyway.

I am so excited about this trip. It will be our second anniversary and we are finally getting around to taking our honeymoon. I've been reading thread after thread on this board for interesting info. It just makes me look forward to it more!