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    Default Best Building @ CN

    In your oppinion what is the best building to stay in at CN. I am looking for a nice quiet area, but not too far detached from everything else. What do you guys think.
    Thanks for any info.


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    I like buildings 3,4,5. They are a little out of the way but not that far and they are very quiet.

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    Default Room 7208!

    We were married 6/18/09 and were in room 7208 for our stay. The area was really quiet and we had a fabulous view of the ocean from our balcony. Also, that building was close to most of the restaurants. So my answer would be building 7.

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    There are NO bad rooms or locations at CN. We have been in building #3, #4 and #8 and have never had problems with noise.

    Everything is only a short walk away.

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    I think building 6 was terrific as far as proximity to and view of the beach. I was in suite 6101 and think it is the best room in the resort as far as opening the back door and being on the beach. The view was amazing. It is also right there next to everything - very short walk to anywhere. The only less-than-perfect part would be the noise level. The evening activities at Cassava Terrace can get pretty loud. So, it depends on what's more important to you... beach, proximity, or quiet...

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    We like to stay in building 1. It is quiet, yet near to everything. This building has mostly the garden view rooms. There are some suites in the building.

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    We've stayed in 1, 6, & 7 and loved them all. Our favorite side of the resort is 6-9 because we spend all day on the nude beach, but others love 1-5 because it is close to the dive shack.

    CN is so compact and well laid out that you are never far from anything and all buildings are great!
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    Default Looking for same thing

    My wife and I were wondering the same thing? We love to party and have a good time, but when in room, we like peace and quite. I have read about some of the rooms can hear the road? We are staying in a Garden Suite. Any suggestions on which building we should suggest?

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    We had room 8207 which is a Garden Suite and close to the road. The only time we ever heard any road noise was when we were in the bathroom. We were never bothered by noise.

    I guess if you had to sit on the toilet all night you might get annoyed by the slight road noise, while on the other hand it might keep you awake to remind you to do your business and get out and enjoy the resort.

    The room itself is quiet and you will experience NO PROBLEM.

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    Thanks for the reply, did you have wifi access in your room. I had a response from one of my other posts, that said he was getting wifi access with no problem in building 5?

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    I prefer 9, but thats bc of the AN beach. And WIFI wasnt a problem.
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    Couldn't give you a response of WIFI.

    We don't bring a cell phone and if we need a computer to contact the kids we head for the computer room and hope we are sturdy enough to type.

    Ever notice how the typing gets slurred and those darn chairs move around on you!

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    Agree with Alisn1L. We really enjoyed building 6. It was central to all activities, and had an awesome view, with less obstruction than other buildings.
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    Building # 6

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    Default Near spa 3rd floor

    Building 4 is next to the spa. We are returning for the 6th time. Rerquest the 3rd floor. Very quiet and can't here people above your stomping around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth View Post
    We like to stay in building 1. It is quiet, yet near to everything. This building has mostly the garden view rooms. There are some suites in the building.
    That was our top request as well and we will be staying in a garden room. Not that I'd be bummed in the slightest if we end up in another building, but #1 would be first amongst equals.

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    we stayed in room 7208 in October2008, the room and the view were lovely I would highly recoomend the buildings on this side of the resort

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