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Thread: At CSA now

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    Thanks for the thoughts. Which Atrium suite were you in? We booked one for the first week in May and since this is our first trip to CSA we are just trying to get fell for the layout. I have read that the middle of the resort is a nice place to land.

    BTW, we can't imagine every taking someone's table like it happened to you twice. Did you say anything to them or did you just get your stuff and move on?

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    Oshane was working at CTI last time we were there...Last August

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    Just a thought...
    WiFi is a pipeline, the more branches, or users, the slower the service. If you want to help your resort mate, turn off the wifi to computers, tablets and phones when you're actually not using the web. My life depends on the web, but we can turn it off for much of the day. We fire it up, check to see that all is still well in the world, then TURN It OFF. Oh, then wander down to the Bamboo Bar...

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    Brennie, We just moved to another table and didn't say anything. The guests that moved in on our tables didn’t speak much English. Not sure they could read the sign “please wait to be seated” either. No problem. We were there to enjoy each other and relax.

    Life is good

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    Zachmack This time we were in 2123. We usually prefer around the wedding gazebo area

    Beach-bum I am sure I would be doing the same thing if signs were not in English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gayle Ann View Post

    We are booked for CSA December 4 - 11. How was the weather the first week of December? We usually go in April and went once in July (it was hot). We are both retiring in a few months and have plans to travel lots.

    I'm not Steve52, but I can answer. In a word Gorgeous. Mid to Hi 80's every day and Mid 70's every night. Less rain than other times of the year.

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    Marlene is daytime at Palms just now

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    Thanks, spiff542!

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    Hi there everyone!!! I just want to add to the question regarding "which atrium suite is best.".....just use your judgment regarding the one closest the Palms restaurant. You could be asking for more noise and foot traffic in that area. Other than that....all are great with the foliage, hammocks and views. Have a super time!!!! We are returning this April, and have once again selected an Atrium suite.

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    Our favourites are 25, 26 and 27

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    Thanks for this information Inotv!!! Greatly appreciated!!!! I am going to request one of the three for our upcoming April trip!! If we do not get one of these, I am certain we will be happy with our room. Couples does aim to please. Wishing you all a super weekend!

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