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    And I second the friendliness on the message board. Makes things extra nice for us first-timers. Thanks!

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    acouplemiles, in regards to your shopping question, there are certainly going to be plenty of opportunities for you to buy souvenirs on the resort. We've never left the resorts, no need. We've even picked up several pieces of Jamaican art. The first trip we bought a large carved wooden fish from a resort beach vendor at CN, almost didn't get it back with us so consider that when buying, but it adorns our living room and is a wonderful reminder of our honeymoon. On our second trip, we met Richard Von White, an artist at CSS. He lives in the area and visits Couples to sell his paintings and prints. We bought some beautiful prints from him, we've had them framed and they are my favorite souvenirs so far. We were also able to buy plenty of other trinkets and clothes from the resort gift shop. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing some pottery there too. After a private dinner, massage, and a few trips to the gift shop, I had that $300 in resort credit spent no problem.

    Sorry I can't answer your question about liquor limits through customs, we only grabbed a couple bottles, and that was not a problem for sure.

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    Default awesome advice..

    Quote Originally Posted by A+B=<3 View Post
    acouplemiles...we'll also be there in May as first-timers, and the one thing I'm worried about is bug and sand flea bites. Unfortunately, my blood is like nectar to anything that bites. I've heard good things about cactus juice and was going to try it until I learned that it contains parabens, which I try to avoid. I'm thinking about trying this product: Incognito After Sun Moisturiser with Insect Repellent. Here's a link to all of their products:

    Also, there are a few websites that post cruise ship schedules, which come in handy when scheduling off-resort excursions. Here's one: I've heard you should check the schedule for both Falmouth and Ocho Rios when planning your trip to Dunn's River Falls.
    Im now trying to switch out excursion because 2 cruise ships on the day we had planned for dolphins swim!!!!!!!!!! that was VERY helpful advice and than you for providing a link.. despite this thread being a couple years old.. it was still very helpful for my newbie self!

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