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    yes, you read it right ---2015. I could not handle not having a countdown, and the new 2015 rates sucked me in (plus, ive never started a thread b4) . Hope that the current year rates get adjusted, but if not-2015 will be our 4th year at Swept Away, celebrating our 28th anniv. mike & sylvia

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    I'm with you! I'm going in August 2015! we're renewing our vows =)

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    We will be there August of 2015, as well. Excited.

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    Just booked for September-October 2015 for our anniversary! 388 days!

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    You know we will be there with you Mike.

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    phil- it wouldn't be the same without you 2 ! As you pointed out today- a mere 280 days.

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    As of today 299 days until we return to CSA! We were thrilled to see the Black Friday $300 resort credit promotion and was able to get our reservation adjusted to take advantage of the deal! We absolutely cannot wait to return to paradise!

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    We just booked our honeymoon for mid Sept 2015!!! So excited!!! 283 days and counting!

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    231 days or more manageably 33 weeks to CSA. Yay.

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    It's been a while since we were there in 2008. Finally booked to go back, 239 days.

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    Howabout 2 1/2 quarters Phil ? be here before we know it

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    We were here in 2008. Finally returning in 237 days!

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    We will be back at CSA September 20-26 celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Can't wait! Will any of you be there during our stay?

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    We're visiting for the 1st time on our honeymoon, Sept 26 - Oct 4th! 29 & 30 yrs. old...

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    Fitting in my 49th birthday (shudder) and our 5 year anniversary Sept 3 - 13. Can't wait! Who's ready to go snorkeling?!

    Lori and Dean
    Lori and Dean

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    Jamaica and Couples VIRGINS coming your way!!! Celebrating our 25th! 25th-30th witht the big day being the 29th. Just wish it could be longer. Looking forward to staying here. I'll be the one out roaming around until the bars close while my wife turns in early!! Gonna be fun.

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    Couple years ago we went to Tower Isle. Thus will be our first time to CSA and it's for our honeymoon!!! Sept 24th to Oct. 3rd!! I'm 29 and my fiancé is 32. Can't wait!!!

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    Made our reservations to Swept Away yesterday. We'll be there from 9/14-9/24th. First visit to CSA. We were at CSS last summer, but due to renovations have decided to try the other side of the island and see what Negril has to offer! I'm sure we can't go wrong with Couples! We love that the scuba diving is included! Can't wait to be there, we'll be celebrating our 26th anniversary.
    Drew & Gina

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    This will be our first time going to CSA during September(12th-19th) as all of our past trips were during Christmas/New Years or Easter---prime travel time=much more costly. Any time we can get to CSA is great with us. Soon come.

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    We will arrive the afternoon of 28 August and departing early a.m. 04 September 2015

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    We will be in Swept Away 16 - 27 September celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Married in Couples Tower Island. Second visit here really looking forward to returning.

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