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    Default December, 2014 / January, 2015

    We (Lisa and Ron) will be enjoying our 4th time at CSA from 12/23/14 - 1/1/15! We can't wait for: Seagrape Cafe, rum-inside-the-coconut-drinks, tennis, tennis, and more tennis, green flags on the beach, the catamaran cruise, Feathers, reading, and RELAXATION!!! Who else will be in the paradise of Negril?
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    Bern and Bob will be joining. We have (2) other couples coming. One is a repeater. Cannot wait for sun, warm water, good food, morning room service and seeing old friends and new.

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    Holly and Ward (Couples newbies) will be at CSA January 9 through 17. We're very excited!

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