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    Quote Originally Posted by clydealp View Post
    Do many Christians go to the nude beaches and to Tower Island at the Couples Resorts? If so, what are your thoughts on doing so as Christians?

    Specifically, if you were hesitant at first, what makes you accept doing so now?

    Also, what would you say to other Christians?
    I posted the following in the A/N section in response to a post there by clydealp and I am reposting it here at their request:

    I'm glad you found this thread. I read your post on the main message board and was going to reply today, but you had posted there about this thread which already included a post from us. I felt folks had missed your true question, and as a Southern Baptist couple living in the buckle of the Bible belt, we know exactly why you were asking and what your concerns are because we had all of those same questions. A funny thing about our first trip to CSS four years ago was the resort tour that many first timers take. It was just us and another woman. She and her husband had arrived in the wee earlies due to a flight delay so he was still asleep. During the course of the tour, they walk you by SSB and advise you about the AN aspect. The guide asked us all if we thought we might check it out. We all said we would really like to but we were nervous. The woman elaborated that they were from the South and they were Sunday school teachers, and had young children at home, they were not sure what the family and friends might think if they found out etc. We laughed and told's us too! As we continued the tour we visited at length about all the things you are probably asking yourself. Well, later that day when we got the nerve to go check out SSB, guess who was there as well...that similarly situated couple. We visited with them off and on during that stay as well as everyone else and it just made us realize that there was a very good chance that there are many, many couples with that same story, same questions, same doubts. We love CSS, we love SSB, we return for the fifth year in a row this August. Anyone going know where to find us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
    I don't want to sound mean but there is almost no lust going on on the A/N beach. In all the years we've been going I think I've seen 3 good bodies...the rest of us probably cause the opposite of lust whatever that would be.
    One guy last year on the A/N beach at CN had the greatest line. He said the A/N beach was the anti-Viagra.......LOL
    LOL that is a great line. Last March was our first ever AN experience, and I must say it was very relaxing, and not sexual in any way. Although I do have to admit I could not look at my wife for long amounts of time without getting those funny feelings in my tummy
    Is this Love that I'm feelin'?

    CSS March 2013, April/May 2014, April 2015, April 2016 Soon Come
    CN April 2014

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