Hi everyone! I haven't been on the board in quite some time and couldn't get my old account to work. Anyway my husband and I have some air vouchers we have to use soon so we are looking to book a trip to our favorite place on earth in mid-May! We have been to CSA 3 times and love it! Every time we say we are going to try the Ochi side of the island out and we never do. I'm thinking this is the time since our beloved Atrium suites are sold out for the dates we are looking at. So... My question is this. For someone that loves CSA and just Negril in general which resort would be best for us? Our absolute favorite thing about CSA is the beach and I know the beaches are very different in Ochi a great beach is a must! Soft sand, calm waters... Also, anyone that has been to CSA will understand the importance in this, do they have fish tacos at CSS and CTI? I haven't had any since last Valentines Day and I need my fix! HAHA!