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    Hi all

    We are shortly off to CSA for the first time, and are staying in an Atrium suite. I have recently discovered I am having a baby, which is great news! My concern is, I usually am bitten alive by the mozzies when in the Caribbean (and react very badly), but manage it by being constantly on top of applying Deet protection. I am told I cant use Deet products in the first 3 months of my pregnancy, and am now ultra worried about the atriums, given all the shutters and the posibilty of the room being swamped by biting creatures.

    Has any one stayed in an atrium and can reassure me? Were the rooms full of mozzies/biting critters via the shutters?

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    Not to worry the critters won't get to you thru the screens. Just don't open the screens. Also try to be inside as much as possible during dusk and dawn. That is when they bite the most

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    We alawys stay in the old section with the shutters and have not had any biting insects in thee room in three trips.

    Congratulations on the baby.

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    Sunshine chick
    We stayed in the old section with the shutters in August and did not get one bite. Just stay off the beach after sunset and you should have no problems. Don't worry you wlll have a wonderful time at Swept Away. Congraulations about the baby!

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    Hiya Chick!!
    Don't worry bout a ting!!! The Atrium rooms are the bestest! You really get the feel of the island into that room! No bugs here!
    When it rains you actually like being on that huge balcony and just wait for the sun to return!

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    The Month of September is usually the one with the occasional Thunder storm.
    The weather pattern got a little iffy the last couple weeks in Oct, due to a front up in the Miami area ( go figure). Anyway puddles bring a few outdoor bites to some in the evening around the openair Palms seating at the floor level. I would prepare and use SkinSoSoft or such. In Nov. all will dry out.

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    Not an issue. Unless you're on the beach just at or after sunset, or just after a hard rainfall, you won't need the DEET. My wife also is no-see-um bait (or sand flea or mozzies, etc.), and she's learned to just stay off the sand at those times, or get the DEET.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    The rooms have candles that deter anything that flies. We've never had a problem in all the years we've enjoyed the atrium.

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