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Thread: Prude beach

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    Default Prude beach

    If my wife is hesitant to go bottomless. Would it be frowned upon if I went nude and she went topless on the regular beach area?

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    Your wife can go topless on the textile beach, and you would need to wear a suit. If you want to be nude you will need to go to a Couples resort with an AN beach and your wife would need to remove her bottoms.

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    You can't be serious....

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    I assume that is typo. You cannot be nude on the regular beach.

    Clothing is not allowed on the nude beach. Clothing is not optional, it is forbidden.
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    You can not go nude on the textile beach….

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    I'm not exactly sure of the rules but I think completely nude may be frowned upon on the main beach. If I can be any encouragement to your wife though, I plan on having a few (many) drinks before heading to the AN beach and then enjoying the day. I'm a little nervous but think it will be a fun experience for us to have as a couple. Also, from what I've read on the AN thread, everyone seems to be very cool and nonjudgmental. Maybe reading some of those posts will ease her mind. You'll have a great vacation whatever you decide!

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    The answer is Yes... nude is not allowed on the textile/regular beach. On the regular beach, topless for both male and female is ok, but not nude. And on the Au Natural beach both must be nude.

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    I think you may find some opposition to your attire...your wife, no problem, as topless is acceptable on the main beach.

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    Nude is not permitted on regular beach. The nude and regular beach are separated by large hedges but where the hedges end there is somewhat of an imaginary line from there down the beach to the waters edge, I suggest just where the hedges end you lie on the nude side and have her lie on the other side of the imaginary line regular beach side next to you, we have done this already ourselves.

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    There is no 'clothing optional' area at Couples. The designated au-natural areas are strictly nude only. Topless is allowed on all main beaches with the exception of Tower Isle.

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    Yes it would.

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    She can go topless, but you need to keep your bottoms on, sorry. If she is hesitant, my advice would be to try the AN side, and if she doesn't like it, you can go back to the main beach. Since she is just hesitant, and not all out against it, i bet it will end up being just fine, and you will end up enjoying the AN side very much. My wife and I were both hesitant about it. My wife doesn't even want to go topless on the main beach, but we tried AN, and ended up very much enjoying it, and are looking forward to going back in 34 days!

    As other threads have said, there is nothing to worry about. There will be all shapes, all sizes, a wide age range, and all sorts of grooming habits. The one thing everyone has in common is that everyone is happy, friendly, and enjoying being AN with their loved ones.

    Which resort are you going to, and when?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisanddonna View Post
    If my wife is hesitant to go bottomless. Would it be frowned upon if I went nude and she went topless on the regular beach area?
    She can go topless on the main beach, but you cannot go nude on the main beach.
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    LOL...I'm not sure if you are joking or not? On the assumption you are serious. The ONLY place YOU can go bottomless is in the
    AN (Au Natual Beach).
    However, the AN beach does not have the option to wear textiles anyway.
    There are woman who go topless on the regular beach.
    Everyone has a comfort zone.
    After your first day at the AN beach your inhibitions will go away!
    Hope this answer helps.

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    I don't know what resort you're going to but after more than a dozen trips to Jamaica (8 to CN - 1 to CSS - 1 to CSA - the others were at other Negril resorts) we have never seen a nude male on the main beach but have seen many topless women. I don't know what the rules are on this but I would not like to have nude males or females on the main beach since there are areas for that ..... Topless is fine but think that total nudity should be on the AN beach area only.

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    Not sure which resort you're going to, but you can only go nude on the AN beaches. CSA has no nude area. You can both go topless at CSA... Most men do...very few women do. In the 5 times I've been, I've seen maybe 5 topless women total. One is a woman in her late 60's who is apparently a resident, and walks the beach in just a thong bottom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisanddonna View Post
    If my wife is hesitant to go bottomless. Would it be frowned upon if I went nude and she went topless on the regular beach area?
    Sorry but that will be frowned upon by guests and management I believe. AN beach is nude only. Your wife can be topless on beach but you must have bottoms on. We take walks daily and my wife regularly walks topless. Hope the couples on the beach were not offended by the label "prude". they just don't want to be AN.

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    Not touching this one...

    Life is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisanddonna View Post
    If my wife is hesitant to go bottomless. Would it be frowned upon if I went nude and she went topless on the regular beach area?
    You can not go nude on the regular beach if that is the question. If you are asking can you go to the nude beach, while she stays on the main beach, I'm not sure of the official policy. I believe it is generally frowned upon for men to go to the nude beaches without their wives/girlfriend/SO.

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    Chrisanddonna, You didn't indicate which resort you were visiting. If you are going to CSS and are from West Chester County NY, your wife can go to SSB and not remove her bottoms. This was the case on two separate days while we were there a couple of weeks ago. The woman refused to remove her bottoms and the security team and Couples employees tried but were unsuccessful in their effort to enforce the rules. You may not be welcomed there by the other guests but apparently the all nude policy is not what everyone thinks it is.
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    "Prude Beach"? Really? I am not judgmental toward those who choose to use the AN beach. It's always nice when respect goes both ways.
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    Chris - I say "GO FOR IT!" (just make sure to let us all know how that works out for you )

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