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    Default Occupancy and Weather at CTI in Late October

    What is the hotel occupancy at CTI like in late October.

    Also, how about the weather and the sea conditions?

    How many people have gone in October; and what has been the weather experience given that it will be in the hurricane season still?

    Lastly, are there many people at Tower island in October?

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    Great time to go if no hurricanes, Nobody can predict the weather but every year that we have been it has been absolutely gorgeous.

    Occupancy is lower August-October, but that is nice, no problems for chairs, no lines anywhere. TI always has guests on the island, mostly and older crowd, just do not see that many young people (20's) in the a/n areas

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    We stayed at CTI in early November and CSS (also in Ocho Rios) in late October respectively. I cannot speak as to the occupancy, but regarding weather; our early November stay (2010) was mostly overcast with some sun and no rain. Our October stay (2013) was gorgeous. Sunny every day, except for a few hours one afternoon when it got cloudy and there were a few sprinkles. There was one rainstorm but it was overnight so it didn't affect our outside time. Despite this time of year being hurricane season, we always take our chances because the rates are very reasonable.
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