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    Everyone seems to say the food is great a couples, but dying to have steaks, seafood? Do CTI and/or CSA have this type of food?

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    I had a tenderloin the one night and Friday night was lobser night at CN.

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    The food is the least of your worries .... only you may eat too much of it..its sooo good

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    Yes CTI has steaks and seafood. They also have lobster. Both are very good.
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    There's lots of seafood and beef, not necessarily steaks, but you won't go hungry. If nothing else, you'll have a chance to step away from the American diet for your vacation and eat like a local.
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    Yes, they have this food and so much more! You will be amazed how great the food is at both CTI and CSA.
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    djkearney - You mean you don't want to eat any curried goat???????

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    Don't knock curried goat, I tried it on my first trip and now look forward to it along with the conch. I don't care if it's fried, curried or in the form of soup.

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    Hey now.. The curried goat is AMAZING. That's the only reason we go to the Beach Party at CSA. And it's something you just can't get here in the US too readily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vee View Post
    And it's something you just can't get here in the US too readily.
    Mildly off-topic...for the NY and NC folks, check out:

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    I actually will make curried goat periodically.... (I get the goat from a local farmer.) But it's just not the same. I would love the recipe that Couples uses.

    We have a Jerk Shack in Tampa, and a couple of Caribbean restaurants, but I guess goat tends to turn off the squeamish. LOL.

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    I'm sure I'll at least sample the curried goat, but it's anyone's guess as to whether or not I'll like it. I love curried foods in general, it's the goat part that will likely be the culprit. Altho I pride myself on the diversity of cuisine that I enjoy, unfortunately I'm just not a fan of the lamb family, which includes goat. Something gamey about the flavor that just doesn't agree with my palate. Now Rosa otoh will undoubtedly like it as she's a big fan of lamb/goat.

    Funny thing is when I dine at our favorite Indian restaurant, I really like their lamb sausage. Perhaps that's due to the way they spice it up. And as for Greek/Mediterranean food, I love gyros, which is a lamb-beef blend. So maybe the curry process will allow for me to enjoy this dish as well. I'll definitely give it a shot, that's for sure.

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    I wasn't bad mouthing the curried goat - I've eaten it myself on more than one occassion because I like to eat things while traveling that I don't eat at home ........ The poster only mentioned steaks & seafood though & I was just sayin' ........... Didn't they want to try some curried goat???

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