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    It can happen at any time, at any place, day or night. It could happen while you are sleeping. Or from reading a book, seeing a picture, hearing a sound, or any number of other sources. I’m talking about inspiration.

    Inspiration: “Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity”.

    Inspiration can be found anywhere on the planet. It could be a golden sunset on a majestic mountain that casts shadows and mystery across the landscape. It could be seeing the awesome power of nature that carved the Grand Canyon, or formed the deserts of the world. The soft touch of a newborn child and the innocence in their eyes.
    There have been movies, books, plays, and music that have spawned the belief in many individuals that they too could overcome their darkest moments of despair and loneliness.
    Throughout history, humans have sought inspiration to make the world a more peaceful place. Inspiration comes in many unexpected forms. A casual remark can spark a flame of understanding and turn even the most devastating moment in to a time of hope. Seeing a rainbow appear in the sky following a summer shower, gives us a sense of wonder. The undeniable simple beauty of a flower or the magnificent strength and power of a man made bridge can give us reason to pause and appreciate.

    I think that it’s important to find and appreciate some form of inspiration as often as one can. It gives us that momentary sigh of wonder, amazement, astonishment and can help put back into a day full of HECTIC, a wonderful temporary feeling of calm.
    You may see two cute babies in a stroller being pushed by the mom and you think “Awww, aren’t they cute”. You see a very elderly couple sitting on a bench, holding hands. He leans in to give her a kiss. You think, “Awww, isn’t that nice”. Those tiny connections that are happening all around us, all the time, not only have that “nice feeling” effect while it is happening, but later on, one can recall some pretty nifty events that occurred throughout their very HECTIC day. Thinking about them and remembering them, can help take out the sting out of “just another day at the office”.

    I know that for so many of us, we draw inspiration and appreciation any time we day dream about our vibrant tropical retreat. What ever physical layout you prefer, which ever coast you frequent, the underlying element that binds us together, that fuels our passion and devotion for our most gracious hostess, is the incredible way each of us feel while we are there. It’s as though there are hundreds of inspiring moments to take in and everywhere you look, something else to appreciate. And there are.

    The lushness of the tropical vegetation. The clean crisp air. The expanse of the ocean. The sounds of so many happy couples. The waves gently and slowly reaching the shoreline. The screech of a blackbird in the Almond tree. The tantalizing aromas that drift on the winds. Jerk chicken cooking at the “beach grill”. The tantalizing mix of fragrances that waft through the main lobby.

    Inspiration, appreciation, tranquility. Couples has it. Or at least enough to last us until the next time.

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    Couples has certainly inspired us as well. It is amazing how a short flight and a bus ride can bring you to a paradise full of inspirational moments. It is those moments that keep bringing us back. On each trip "home" we always find another thing that we had not noticed before or is new and they are just another reason to come back. Couples does this to us. We become like a couple of teenagers exploring a new world, although we have already been there. Everything old is new again. You definitely know when something is THAT good, because it will draw us in, cause us to experience it over and over, and be happy. Other than our honeymoon, I have not been as excited ( and believe me I get VERY excited with each trip ) as I am about this up coming trip. We have some friends who will be at CSS at the same time, and we will get to hopefully spend 2 days with you and Syl. I am so looking forward to April 25th when we will venture over to your paradise at CTI, jump on the boat and step onto "Crabracer Island"...

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