Since I will never pass up an opportunity to contribute more $$$$ to the Boy's Home I have decided to accept Don and Jeanie's idea for a BEST DECORATED FLAMINGO contest.
You can enter your flamingo in the contest for a $5 donation to our cause.
I will use my bargaining power with the CN staff to provide a suitable prize for the winner.
Those of you who have your flamingo from past years; get started!
1st timers----get your flamingos early! I will be there July 1 and they go on sale July 2nd thru July 4 noon.
Look for me at the umbrella near the beach grill with the "monkey" flying from the umbrella!!!!!!
The Captain and his 1st mate will also be sporting the bright pink "Official Flamingo Distributor" shirts.
Please read the thread "Official Flamingo Race Rules" if you are not familiar with our annual July 4th celebration.
Hoping to break last year's record breaking contribution of close to $700; I need the help of all who will be there over July 4th.
Only approx 70 days until we get this party started!!!!!