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Thread: April 2015

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    Just realized our names didn't show when we posted! Jamaica soon come!!!!!!
    Derek & Mila

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    Friends from Couples are your friends for life.
    The reason for this statement is because back in 2005 Mrs Bostonwalt and myself travel to COR as it was known then.
    We met 4 other couples all first timers visitors to Couples, some more experienced travelers than the Mrs & I.
    We met one couple Cynde and Blair, very nice people had a great time with them. We kept in touch via email, they did a lot of vacationing and would tell us how they would go back to Couples or other vacation spots.
    I was jealous but just couldn't afford it or the timing was never right, finally after 5 years (2010) we booked our 2nd trip to COR, now CTI...I email Cynde telling her how excited I was to get back to Jamaica, gave her the dates we would be there.
    With in minutes I received a OMG email from Cynde they had already book the same week and we would be together once again. We said that in 2 years(2012) we would return to CTI and the fours of us got together one more time.
    We also decided that we had enough of Ocho Rios and should check out Negril. In 2014 Mrs Bostonwalt and myself where to celebrate our 30 year anniversary but family issues got in the way and we had to cancel, Also Our good friends Cynde and Blair where not available the time we hope to travel.
    So now Mrs Bostonwalt and myself are booked for a belated 30th anniversary celebration and we just found our good friends Cynde and Blair will be joining us!!

    As I stated: Couples friends are friends for life.
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    Bert & Linda looking forward to meeting Mr. & Mrs. Bostonwalt along with their friends Cynde & Blair.

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    Kinder words were never spoken! Thank you, Walt! We are really looking forward to enjoying another great vacation with you and Leslie. What you say about Couples Resort is so true. We have met some of the nicest people over the years and stay in close touch. We are of like minds and enjoy a relaxed vacation with top notch staff and amenities. It truly gets no better than a Couples Resort in Jamaica! Looking forward to making new memories with good friends - "Soon Come"!

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