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    LOVE THIS THREAD! Has anyone else noticed the more often you go to a Couple's resort the less activities you want to do? The first couple of times we went we did some excursions and went snorkeling a few times. The last few times we went we were lucky to get in 1 snorkeling trip. The sand gravity seems to get worse the more you go!
    BTW we used to stay in the Penthouse for only 7 nights and someone suggested we stay in a different room and use that money towards another night. Best advice EVER. That extra day truly does make a difference. You see everyone leaving on Saturday and you get to go " more day for us!" For those of us used to constantly running and it taking a little longer to get into island vibe and the SG to do it's job it does help considerably. Thank you all for the good laughs!
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    Fawnridge Law of Sand Gravity (Spiff542 variant)
    A Practical Example:

    Since tonight is Pizza/Wine Date Night (PWDN, ref. thread “How do you pass the time” by Melvin76), I thought I would demonstrate a practical example of Sand Gravity in Middlesex, NJ vs. Couples Negril.

    Bert: 197 lbs. x 0.454 = 89.4 kg
    Middlesex, NJ latitude = 40 degrees 35 minutes = 40.5833 (4509.77 km or 2802.37 miles from Equator)
    Negril, Jamaica latitude = 18 degrees 16 minutes = 18.267 (2030.4 km or 1261.7 miles from Equator)

    If Sg = 700 (Aw/Ep) * DPH ^2, and I have 3 drinks per hour (not every hour, mind you…just this hour) then:

    Sg (Bert-NJ) = 200.98
    Sg (Bert-Ja) = 446.40
    Sg for Bert is 2.22 times stronger in Jamaica than New Jersey. Or in another way, 197 pound NJ Bert is equivalent to Jamaica Bert at 437.56 pounds.

    Yikes! It’s no wonder I slow down a bit in Jamaica!


    Notes, Conversion Factors & References:
    Sg = 700 (Aw/Ep) * DPH ^2
    Sg=Sand Gravity
    Aw=weight in kilograms (pounds x 0.454 = kilograms)
    Ep=distance to the Equator in miles (kilometers x 0.6214 = miles)
    Dph=the number of alcoholic beverages (drinks) you had per hour (average).

    Note: on the surface, the Fawnridge Law of Sand Gravity makes little sense in that it uses both metric (kilograms) and imperial (miles) units of measure. But we are talking about drinking on the beach in Jamaica, so please suppress your need for logic. Thank you.

    To calculate your own Sand Gravity, you will need the following:
    Use this link to find your Latitude. In my example, the result was 40 degrees 35 minutes. (Latitude is the only factor needed as Longitude appears to have no impact on Sg)

    Use this link to convert Latitude degrees & minutes to the decimal version.

    Use this link to find Kilometers to the equator (enter your Latitude in decimal form, then convert kilometers result to miles)

    Negril = 18 degrees 16 minutes North Latitude = 18.267 or 1261.7 miles from the Equator
    Ocho Rios = 18 degrees 24 minutes North Latitude - 18.4 or 1270.7 miles from the Equator
    Note: distance from the Equator indicates that Sand Gravity is slightly stronger in Negril than Ocho Rios. Further study will be needed to verify this hypothesis. Linda and I will investigate and report back (we hope to validate our study with as many data points as possible, so this could take a bit of time...and quite a few drinks).
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    Bert - you are a nerd.

    1. I think being a nerd is 'in' these days.
    2. i can say that because I am Mrs. Bert.

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    Science is a beautiful thing. I feel like a small fish in the great sea of genius.

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    Lol. Mrs. Bert... I think you are fantastic!

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    we go in november and sunset it 5:15pm. Up at sunrise at 6:15am and out the back door on our beach suite and run into the water to wake up. When I return, the Coffee, fruit and yogurt are at the room soon after. Hot shower and ready for 8am Tennis. Done by 9:30 and to buffet break fast with Bloody Mary. 10:30. Find rolling paper create the daily allotment. Not much though. quick shower, lotion up and on the beach. Dirty bannana, read, brief nap.

    Look at paddle boat and think it might be a good idea. Sun Fish too but looks like it might give me anxiety. Why bother. Dig the "Conch......Shell" man and giggle. Maybe Ice Block come around and start yelling "you were in my dreams last nite"! Dude has a big voice!

    1pm start thinking of lunch. Sea Grapes and bring it back to the palapa seems better idea. Lite red Strip is very crisp for lunch. Hummingbird for desert. Nap time. Wake up, rum and pinapple. maybe two. Wife has that look in her eye. Back to the room, do the deed indeed, another quick nap, finish the rolling paper procurement thingy, and back to the beach. 5:15 watch sunset, and on to the veranda. Bar still open. Hang out and read, check e-mal, maybe watch a movie on the laptop. We eat late so no hurry.

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    Bargamon - Awesome daily activity list!!!

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