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    Default "Which Couples resort is best?" - the definitive answer

    Come on, did you really think there was a definitive answer? But...

    I did a completely unscientific analysis (averaging the Trip Adviser reviews). I was surprised by the results:

    CSS: 4.57 stars
    CN: 4.50 stars
    CTI: 4.46 stars
    CSA: 4.43 stars

    That is a surprisingly tight band of results considering the multiple thousands of reviews (ranging from 2057 @ CTI to 3628 @ CSA). My view is that a 0.14 difference between the high score and low score can be attributed to noise in the data and that there is no "best" Couples resort. They are all equally high quality vacation destinations. I suspect that for those of us who have a strong preference of one over another it is likely based upon 1) first resort visited will always be special, or 2) the favorite resort has a special thing (AN, private beach, long beach, vendors/no vendors, staff & friends, etc.).

    I have mentioned before that after 6 CN trips, for trip 7 we are heading to CSS on December 12. While I have a bit of trepidation due to my familiarity with and love of CN, my own little analysis here tells me "relax...everything is irie!" (note: for first timers - read up on the resorts, think about the "special things" mentioned above that might sway you...then have confidence that regardless of choice, it's a good one! )
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    See you there. We are heading for CSS for our 5th trip Dec 11th. We hope to hear about your thoughts of comparison between CN & CSS. We have been afraid of trying CN since we are so in love with CSS.

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    That's some of the best scientific analysis I've seen. Spot on. Our best has been CTI since 1995. April 2015 will be number 38. However, I can ease your trepidations concerning CSS. We did stay there once. Penthouse suite in D block. Unbelieviable. Gorgeous. And SSB is so much more than TI. We really loved it. The only thing we missed was the CTI staff. That counts for about 80% of our enjoyment. I know you will have a great time. After all, it's still Couples.

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    lotsastuff4u - we show up on December 12...see you there!

    Crabracer - i meant to include staff under the "special things" list...I will edit now. Thanks!

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    Very interesting indeed. The following is what I had written and posted some years ago as I have been asked over and over why we go to the same resort every year. This is what I found:

    Someone recently asked me why I keep coming back to the same resort ( for us it's CSS or nothing), and I actually didn't have an answer. I guess when you find perfection, it's nerve racking to think of spending my hard earned dollars to try something new and sitting there kicking myself and wishing I was back at my second "home". Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I have no sense of adventure. Maybe I'm biased. Who knows.
    So I thought I would take a look at what else is out there, and what others are saying about them. There's lots of places to go, things to do and see, but when I go on vacation, I want to relax with my wife, be pampered, be treated special, and do as little as possible. I want to let the daily grind just melt away with every lap of the ocean washing up on a beach.
    Being a self professed couples "junkie", I just had to see what else is out there.
    I looked for similar resorts, only in Jamaica to be fair, only all inclusive, to be fair, and some of the more popular resorts. I created a formula, taking the cost of each, based on a daily rate from a local travel agent, I checked the rating on tripadvisor, and formulated a factor, which considers what would be called bang for the buck. I figure that the cost of a vacation in comparison to what you get and how satisfied people have been, is very important to most. The rated number relates to value of what you get in comparison to what you pay. The higher the number, the more bang for the buck.
    I used the cost of the trip, including airfare from Toronto Canada, based on a 7 night stay, including taxes, in February, and divided it into a daily rate. Compared that rate to approval rate of that resort on Tripadvisor from prior guests, and divided it out.
    Yes I know that you have to take the ratings on TA with a grain of salt, but I only took into consideration the ratings of "excellent" and "very good".

    So here is a list of the Couples resorts and how they rate.

    Couples San Souci 15.5
    Couples Negril 14.7
    Couples Tower Island 14.9
    Couples Swept Away 11.2

    Now in comparison, here's how some of the competition stood up.

    "S" resort in Negril 5.2
    "S" resort in Ochos Rios 7.8
    "S" resort in Whitehouse 9.9
    "H" resort 13.7
    "S" resort called Wild Orchid 10.2
    "R" resort as in Carlton in Mobay 7.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabracer View Post
    The only thing we missed was the CTI staff. That counts for about 80% of our enjoyment. I know you will have a great time. After all, it's still Couples.
    Just returned from our 2nd trip to CTI and I would have to agree with you on this point. We are loyal CSA fans but really enjoyed talking with some of the long time staff members and returning guests at CTI. Everyone has their favorite, which is all good.

    Life is good

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    Seems like your connecting the dots if you don't put forth your mathematical equation.

    If your happy, thats all that matters. Your not "Crazy" nor "lack adventure" but perhaps you have "fear of regret".

    Its your vacation money so be happy where you spend it. If your looking for validation you'll get plenty of it on this thread.
    If your looking for new ideas, not so much to be had.

    Trip advisor holds little cred for me as the ratings are not consistant. By that I mean a guest can have a 5 star time, but if they found mold some where or the front desk person did not perform as quickly they take off points.

    Weather can also play a big role. If it rains, its depressing! Resorts look bad when it rains. Especially ones that are mostly oriented outdoors.

    Im sure you'll have a great time even if you have to climb steps. Since you know it has steps, and the resort is spread out, how can you or anyone give bad marks to it if you are wll informed.

    To me a resort rating should be based on execution of what it has. If you got the greatest pools but a fair beach location I won't go there. But lets say I am going to a destination wedding to a resort not of my choosing I will rate it based on how well it presents what it has.

    to some a vacation has to be "perfect". Thats great but when its not, is it "ruined"? I suppose only if you let it!!!!

    Enjoy your "Adventure" and we look forward to reading your comments!

    ......"You always take the weather with you!!!"
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    Of course the very best Couples resorts is

    CN..Couples Negril..Oh,how I love typing these words.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CN and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C
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    I agree with Novastar for us CSS is the best , best value, best location ,best staff can't get any better see you soon CSS for our 4th time can't come fast enough
    CSS 2012
    CSS 2013
    CSS 2014
    CSS 2015 soon come

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    I suppose I was intrigued by a resort situated in Bloody Bay. Once there, the beach, the sea, and the wonderful ambiance that is Couples Negril makes it home for me, the best? Pretty subjective, but all I need.

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