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    Freedom... As described in a philosophical sense:
    "the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without".

    We all have the freedom to do as we choose, to live our lives as we choose, but exactly how free are we??? We have been taught from an early age that there are limits to our freedom. Don't do this, don"t do that. There are rules you must follow. We are, by all means free to a point. Our freedom lives within the constraints of a set or rules, both written and unwritten, that we base our lives and core values on, and if you should step outside these boundaries of freedom, then there will be hell to pay. Drive while drunk, you go to jail. Run with a pair of scissors, you'll poke your eye out...
    The limits of which we are "free' are based upon what we have been taught, by what actual laws that are in place, by our religious leaders, our parents, our community leaders, and so on. These have put forth what is acceptable freedom and what is not. We even place limits on our own freedom by having jobs, families, friends, houses, pets, cars, etc. All that society has taught us, all that we surround ourselves with add to the limit of our freedom. Kids need to go to practice, bills need to be paid, work needs to be done, family needs to be cared for, friends need a hand. We live our lives in such turmoil with all the daily things we have to do to keep up, it's no wonder that we don't explode like a bull in a china shop. But yet, we keep going, doing the daily grind... eat sleep work, repeat... eat sleep work...
    In reality, we are not free. We do not have the power to exercise choice. We do not have the power to make decisions without Constraint. We have responsibilities to consider, we have family, we have jobs. We cannot just pull up and go. We are bound by the things in our lives that have been bestowed upon us, either by choice or by force, all the while conforming to the restraints of social, government, and family ideologies of what is right and what is wrong.
    So for a week or two a year, we get to rid ourselves of those rules, those restraints. For that time we get to escape, to vacate our restrained lives and live in paradise. But alas, there are rules there too!!! No nudie stuff at the pool. Golf leaves at 8am sharp. Sunset time is 5pm. Breakfast starts at 7:30am... So here we are, in paradise and still have limits to our freedom. Oh well, at least we are more free than at home.
    I have to say that if THE purest form of actual freedom is attainable, where there are no limits (or very little limits ), would be at SSB.

    " The power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without".

    Powerful words I think. SSB, or even the AN area at CN or the island at CTI, is a place, where for the most part, you are actually free from constraint from within or without, if you choose to do so. The freedom to be who you are, naked to the world, with no shame, no guilt, and nothing to hide behind. Only you standing there, for all to see, and being accepted for who you are. It is a place to let all the daily worries, the constraints, just fall away.
    That is the greatest thing about letting your limits, your fears, your phobias, your real life just melt away is that you can be who you are, without judgement or malice, without guilt or fear, and TRULY be accepted, and be yourself.
    A great song says " freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose". True to a point, but we all know that in reality we have and hold dear many things that we do not want to lose. But for a moment, for a week or two, just imagine what it would be like to have THAT kind of freedom....
    If you want to feel what the truest form of actual freedom is, then be naked with everyone else at SSB, or on the island at CTI, or at the AN area at CN. It is THE most liberating experience you will ever have. All your limits, your self doubts, your fears, will just fall away and you will be as close to "freedom"as you have ever been...

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    Very well said. Freedom is certainly an elusive goal. Freedom always comes with extra baggage. Freedom, even at CTI or CN also come with provisions. They open and close at a certain time. SSB has an advantage because there is no set time to open or close. More freedon.

    The greatest amount of true freedom we ever felt, occured the first time we hit the island at CTI in 1995. Since then, each experience continues to be more empowering, more enjoyable, more relaxing and just plain a lot of fun. It really is indescribable. One must test the waters for themselves.

    But don't feel bad if you can't or wont give AN a try. No one will point a finger at you either way. There is still much to do at Couples without going AN.

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