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    Default What happens if it rains????????

    Many people say that it rains daily but only for a short amount of time. But, what happens if it were to rain the entire day? Where would the wedding take place? Has this happen to any of you guys before? Does anyone have a picture of an indoor wedding? Thanks

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    Default rain

    it won't rain all day maybe an hour at the most.

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    Sorry, but yes it can rain all day or most of the day. We were there 7 days and it rained one day from about 12:00 till maybe 4:00. I asked the wedding coordinator what happens if it rains all day. She said well usually it does not. ( True) but can... she said they watch the weather and can wait out the rain and do several weddings close together, they also can wait until the next day as long as you are not set in stone on the date. If you want that day and it is raining they decorate the resturant/Piano lounge or lobby or whatever. I have not seen any photos of indoor weddings. She said they really dont have to do many.

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    I'm going to be married on the beach, even if it's pouring rain. The officiant can just stand under an umbrella. I'm not letting a storm interfere with my dream wedding :-)

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    I know at CSS, there were a couple of gazebos overlooking the ocean, the wedding gazebo and another by the big chess board. There was also the aerobics building. I heard they had a wedding in there once because of rain. I have seen pics of people getting married on the beach under umbrellas tho.

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    Good question. My daughter is getting married on the beach with a "Sunset Wedding" Thanksgiving weekend. What do they do if it rains??

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