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    Default CSS Sunset Beach Review - First Timers - (12/30/13-1/4/14)

    We had a 80 min. Couples massage on Sunset Beach the first morning of our stay. Kenneth gave my wife her massage and Simone was my therapist. Both of us were very pleased with their skills. Simone found a knot in my back and did a great job working it out.

    This was our first visit to an au natural beach and I must say the massage in the pavillion on the beach was the best way to introduce us to the nude area. We had many massages in the states previously, but this was also the first time that we had a massage undraped. Kenneth and Simone were so friendly and professional. My wife and I were immediately at ease and were very comfortable with the whole experience. We would definitely request Kenneth and Simone and also have a massage on SSB again when the opportunity arises.

    We had initially selected two chairs in the far corner of the beach and agreed that we would immediately leave after the massage if either of us was uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised when my wife suggested we move up by the pool after the massage and we enjoyed our day so much we didn't leave until dinner.

    We ultimately spent every day at this pool and ate every lunch there as well. It's true, you meet the friendliest people at a nude beach. Young, old, thin, heavy, healthy, wealthy, poor or ailing/recovering from illnesses or surgeries, all are welcome, and all are treated the same.

    Returning guests welcomed us "newbies" into their group, included us in their card games and volleyball games and it was always nice to see their familiar faces throughout the resort all week. We hope our paths will cross again.

    We selected CSS partially because of their nude beach set up. We determined that if we were going to take a trip to an adults only resort and try a nude beach, we didnt think we would be comfortable sharing a beach with others that were not nude or accessible/viewable by kids that may be visiting other resorts e.g. negril and we didn't want to risk taking a trip somewhere but being unable to try it due to a red flag day, e.g. Tower Isle.

    We visited and used the hot tub at SSB a couple nights. We approached the guard and received permission each time. There is very little light pollution at SSB at night and the stars that were visible were amazing. If you live in a city or suburban area, I encourage you to visit SSB at night with or without your clothes just so you can see the stars.

    We attempted to sit at the main beach one day. I must say that there were a lot of beautiful people at this beach that were in much better shape than this late forties guy. After walking the beach, and exhaling, I was very relieved when my wife suggested we go back to ssb because I was actually more uncomfortable and self aware on the main beach than at the nude beach. After this one attempt, we never tried to spend time on the main beach for the remainder of our stay.

    We traded places with Tower Isle on our last day and took a boat ride to the island. Although the views from the island were nice, and the island was unique, we felt rather confined and opted to cut our visit short and took a cab back to CSS. Coming back to SSB that afternoon for lunch and being greeted by the great staff was a wonderful feeling and we closed out our final day in the SSB pool.

    This initial trip and experience was fantastic and so freeing. Both of us would not hesitate to visit CSS or SSB again and we will definitely incorporate an au naturel beach/pool option in our future trips.

    Thanks to all the members of this message board for sharing your stories. They definitely helped prepare us for the adventure of our lifetime.

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    Hi Kbommp, what a great review! It is heartening to hear that your first foray into AN country was a positive experience but I am not at all surprised. Our inbred insecurities stop most people from even trying it but once you go, you know!

    Please may I ask that you cut and paste the review into the 'feedback after your vacation' thread? It is here in the first page of the AN section so should be quick to find. This sort of review may well help others make the life changing decision to enjoy themselves in the comfort of other naked people. My wife and I are off to new zealand this year and we shall sorely miss our two week lounging adjacent to the pool at SSB. Sad face!


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    Love this review...CSS will be our first an resort and it sounds like we made the right choice

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    LOL.... Last December was our 3rd trip and we kept saying we wanted to trade spaces to Tower Isle. We took the boat to the island. After about an hour we looked at each other and said "Is this all there is?" We cut our trip short and took a cab back to CSS. We won't even bother with CTI.

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    I agree and Sue and I preferred SSB at SS to Tower Isle in March 2014. But, we did enjoy TI too. The island is way way smaller than SSB but the drinks and staff their were also excellent at TI and we stayed the whole day. My favorite part of TI was the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. It was worth going for us! The pool was wicked cold though at the TI swim up bar. What's up with that?


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    What a uplifting review. As we await our trip (sept, 2014), reading makes it more exciting. we can't wait.

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