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    Another long week-end. Normally, I wouldn’t mind have the two days off to lounge around. Maybe get in some errands, a little yard work. Then, before I know it, it’s Monday morning again. Whizzzzz!!

    However, with 16 ˝ days left before we return to CTI, this two day break will only serve to exacerbate an already difficult and agonizingly slow countdown.
    I have no patience to “just lounge around”. I hardly ever do anyway. I’m not sure I could concentrate long enough to drive around doing “errands”. And if I somehow managed to arrive at a store, I don’t remember what it is I went after. Or even what store it’s at.
    The yard work could keep me busy for a few hours, but without the sun, that keeps peeking out every once in a while from behind heavy cloud cover, the 40 degree temps. are not very inviting.

    So what left to soak up the next day and a half. Hmmmmmm. I’m thinking. Well, there doesn’t seem to be very much left in the way of constructive time eater uppers. It’s as though I’ve entered some sort of unending time tunnel. All the clocks are ticking and tocking, but the movement of time and space is frozen in place. Regardless of what task I choose to while away some hours, at the end, time has only traveled ten minutes. Three hours spent working, and yet, only ten minutes went by. This is indeed, a loong week-end.
    I find myself yearning for a quick and painless end to this frenzy. “Bring on Monday morning“ I cry. “Please, release me from this hysteria and let me work in real time”.

    Cry as I may, nothing I can say or do will change the course over the next 30 plus hours. I, along with many many others who have also been plunged into this dark abyss of timeless time, must wait out each and every revolution of the second hand, as the minutes continue to slowly melt away.
    Then, as the sun rises on a new work week, I will scamper off to my allotted work station, where I will fill the moments with my labors. The hours will fly by and my heart will be filled with happiness, knowing that I am that much closer to my destination.

    But alas, there remains two more times of terror. Two more periods of long anxious days and restless sleepless nights. Two more.

    I may try to get to the mall. There, I can sit for hours on end and no one will bother me. I can be alone in my agony. Just an old disheveled man, sitting alone at a table, in front of McDonalds, munching on some fries. A slight drool can be seen running down my chin, dropping onto my jacket. Mumbling and grumbling sounds emanating from my mouth. I am lost in space, staring at the big statue of Ronald. He can almost make me smile.

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    I am with you on this. It's hard to make these few last days of the countdown to go by faster. And then suddenly, the day is here and time seems to speed up. It's a no win situation. But alas, it's just our perception and before you know it, we will be back home, and hopefully time will stand still... for a week.

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