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    ya mon

    I do it 2 ways, first I talk to the staff and see if their kids need any supplies, then I take what I have and drop them off in the general offices, upstairs in the main lobby, Karen Davis or Shelly will make sure they get to the school kids,

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    I'm back... and just realized Joe and I only have 7 more FF's...getting soo excited...
    Drum roll please....
    The long awaited March Maniacs spread sheet is back...see the attached based on this thread is who I put into the spread sheet.
    Looks like a small group this year compared to other years...
    If you would like me to add your names, where you are from or if your celebrating anything special while at CSA in March, let me know and I will update the comments in the spread sheet...
    Soon Come

    March Maniacs 201.xls

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    Husband and I will be there March 7-14. This will be our 6th trip to Jamaica, our 2nd to CSA. Looking out at the frigid snowy conditions here now, we can't wait to get on that jet!

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    Thanks Robin for the spreadsheet.

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    First trip to a SWEPT AWAY,

    March 28 to April 4

    Hope to meet some other there

    No Worries!
    ~Nat & Fab

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    First trip to Swept Away

    March 21 to April 4

    No Worries!
    `Nat & Fab

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    Welcome Michigan lady... arrivals to CSA on 3-7 look to be very popular right now...I added you to the sheet...
    Brennie looks like we are going to have to meet up before all the rest of the MM's get there...

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    ya mon, welcome Michigan lady,, we are from Wisconsin, robin is also from Wisconsin, really cold here as well,
    robin, we are hoping to meet up with brennie in the martini bar one night

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    Thanks for the welcome! Robin we will be celebrating all that is wonderful about Negril. I don't see us on the spreadsheet? Or else I don't know how to view updates on it? Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    Welcom Nat & Fab, I have added you to the spread sheet. If you would like me to add anything to the comment on the sheet let me know, like where are you from & if you will be celebrating anything special while on vacation.
    Soon Come...
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I just got down to Florida to see Anthony play hockey. Big games this weekend--Michigan and Michigan State. They are 19-0 and ranked #1 in the Southeast region.

    Anyway--my laptop down here has my count down timer on it. It now says 48 days until CSA!!

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    We will be there March 15-22...third visit in 15 months! Either we really like this place or we're bat crazy!

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    ya mon G & G for us three times in twelve months, I think we just enjoy the place, don't you think? see you there

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    March 27 to April 4th! Will be our fourth trip to couples, third to CSA.
    CSA 2010 CSA 2011 CTI 2013 CSA 2015

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    Welcome G&G and slo... I added you to the spread sheet
    Only 5 more FF's... soon come

    March Maniacs 201.xls

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    In case anyone that overlaps our visit (March 15-22) is interested, we are thinking of heading over to the new Calico Jack's island bar at Half Moon Beach. It's out in the water similar to the famous Pelican Bar but it's much closer to Negril and has washrooms(!) . You get out to it by boat or bamboo raft.
    Check out here for some photos:
    (only a couple of shots show the island bar)

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    Looks like we will be there pretty much the same time as Nat & Fab.
    Thanks RobinH for adding us to the sheet.
    We are checking out the web site daily to get out CSA fix,
    CSA 2010 CSA 2011 CTI 2013 CSA 2015

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    Yippie for me... only four more FF's for Joe and I... I'm getting so excited I can't stand it..
    Yazmon.. are you still doing the FF's with your peeps back home?

    Soon come my home away from home

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