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    We are going to CSS for the first time this summer. We are dreaming about our trip and trying to plan what we can and cannot fit in our schedule. How much time activities take will help determine what we have time for

    What time of day does the basic entry level scuba start and end? How long is the actual open water dive?

    What time of day do the snorkeling trips start and stop.

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    We would like to add on to the previous question. We are going to CSS this summer in June and have been diving for 30 years all over the world. We would like to participate in all dives possible during our stay. What time does the dive boat usually depart and when does it return from dives? Also, which night do they do the night dive? How soon can you sign up for the dives to make sure we are able to go? How much of our gear do we really need to bring?

    Thank you for your responses!

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    Its so beautiful, wish i could come there

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    Bring that equipment that you're not willing to use a "rental", I say rental but everything minus a wet suit is free. I bring my BCD, fins, mask and my dive computer. This year I will probably bring my regs. I don't use a wet suit in Negril as the water is warm enough for me. I go to the scuba shop as soon as I have a room number at the resort, you need that to sign up. Get there fill out the releases and show your c-card and see if there is any room on the next trip. At CN you can only sign up one day in advance so I always sign up for the next days dive before going out on the morning dives. I won't comment on the times because I haven't been to CSS. Night dives are only done if enough people sign up. Try recruiting people on the boat during the day if you want to do a night dive, they are not included and do have an extra charge. Also if you have facebook there is a Couples Scuba page where the dive shop managers will respond directly with any questions. You'll get great answers at both places but people will post more videos and photos of the dive sites over there. Enjoy!!

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    We just got back from CTI where we just got certified PADI Open Water.

    The cost was $375 per person and involved a first 4 hour session in the pool doing skill training and an open water dive (no skills tested). After that, there were 3 more open water dives to do. The second one was not skill tested, but the third and fourth one were the main OW skill testing ones -- clear mask, remove mask, air exchange, rescue swimmer, fix gear (belt, BCD, my favorite remove BCD), under water navigation compass. In addition to the dives, there was the bookwork - roughly 5 hours to read and answer questions, and one final exam. I was not the easiest of students -- perhaps one of their more challenging, but the dive staff at CTI (and likely all Couples Resorts) were awesome. They eliminated a lot of the nervousness and got my wife and I through it.

    Re: sign up, I can only speak to the CTI side. There were two dives most days (8:30a (2 tanks for certified) & pool session and 10:30a (1 tank)). They had a good idea of who was showing up when, but for the discovery SCUBA, you had to sign up the day before. CTI has a decent size dive boat, so we never had a issue getting to dive. AOW deeper dives were MWF. They used to do afternoon dives, but the choppiness of the sea has stopped it.

    All gear was provided to us - BCD, tanks, regulators, fins, masks. Wetsuits were available if you fit - I did not. I did see people bring full kit, but use their tanks.

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    I have a PADI OW certification but it's been a while since I dove. Is there a refresher at CN?

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    Kevin and Linda, CN does offer a refresher for $50. Last time we were there I required a refresher, which was scheduled the morning after our arrival, and I was on the dive boat for the afternoon dive. :-)
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    Thank you,

    That's exactly what I wanted to know.


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