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    Default Check a Bag with Sunscreen or Use Resort Credit?

    Hi, we have a $300 resort credit for our stay in two weeks. We want to use the spray sunscreen, and we're already planning to use part of our credit for a couples massage. Our airline charges $25 to check a bag. For those of you who have been to CSS recently, is it more cost effective to buy sunscreen at home and check a bag on the way to Jamaica, or to just bring carry ons and buy sunscreen at the resort? Thanks for the input!

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    Couples has a nice supply of sunscreen, aloe, etc. But you will pay double what you would in the U.S. (even more if you buy store brands, such as Target brand). We check our bags because I dislike schlepping around massive carryons and fighting for overhead bin space at the airport. If you do an hour massage that will cost you over $200. If you don't think there is anything else that you would want to spend the resort credit on, the gift shop is always a good place to spend it!

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    You will get many answers and none of them are wrong. Different things work for different couples.

    Personally we prefer to go carryon and IF we need anything we just buy it there. We do pre-tan and don't sit in the sun (we like the shade) so we generally don't need sunscreen.

    This works for us but won't work for everyone.......and that's ok.
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    Buy your sunscreen at the resort.
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    Don't buy the spray. you will loose half of it in the wind and the wind always blows.

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    I'd rather buy my sunscreen on the cheap at home and pack it, and then use my resport credit for the spa!

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    redy4vac was right - you will get a lot of opinions on this one. Here's mine - IF you can manage to pack your entire trip's clothing and toiletry needs in one carry on bag ( I couldn't do this to save my life) and IF you don't mind paying more for sunscreen than you would at home, go for it and buy it at the resort. The spray sunscreen goes more quickly than the lotion, but we swear by it. It is easier to reapply and easier to get those hard to reach areas if you're doing a quick application. Enjoy your trip!
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    It depends.

    I may be crazy, but I wear sun block every time I leave the room during daylight hours (UV Index >10) and reapply every 1.5 - 2hrs. We use lotion for all over body and spray for hairline. I also throw out past year sunblock (if anything is even left over) since it does become less effective with time and actually expire. Even with that, we probably only spend $20 - $30 a year on sunblock (which would be >$50 on the island). However, having had so many friends and family members with skin cancer or who have had pre-cancerous spots painfully removed, it is probably more important to me than the average island-goer.

    All that said (pardon the soapbox), we'd still check a bag for convenience-sized toiletries, my husband's endless shoes, and bringing back liquid souvenirs (pickapeppa, rum, etc.).

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    Previously, we have always packed one checked bag plus two carry-ons, which allowed us to bring our own sunscreen. This year, however, we are taking advantage of Club Mobay on our arrival day. There are 8 planes scheduled to land in the 30 minutes prior to our arrival, so I expect lines to be VERY long. I also expect baggage claim to take a while, so I am begging the hubby to try and pack in carry-ons only. This way, we can fly through customs and immigration and hopefully be on the welcome bus within 20 minutes of landing! We usually use about 3 bottles of sunscreen during our trip. At home, each bottle costs about $ the resort $20. So, it should only cost us about $30 more, but then we will save the $25 checked bag it's really about even. We will plan to check one of our bags on the way home so that we can bring home any alcohol purchases. If we were arriving during a slow airport time, I probably would just check a bag, but I'm hoping to save lots of time this year by skipping baggage claim.

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    Just got back from CSS and the spray sunscreen spf30 is 20 bucks for the water based and 17 bucks for oil based. If you only apply it twice a day, you go through at least a can a day. 7 days would be 140 bucks of your 300 resort credits, leaving you enough for 1 massage....

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    We are picky about sunscreen and go through a lot with re application. I'd rather use the $$ for the spa or a "trinket" than $$ on sunscreen that I can buy here for under $10. Like another said, I also don't like schlepping a heavy carry on through the airport. I'm always picked for extra searches too, so everything comes out in front of others.

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