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    Super excited to be making my second trip to CSA!

    However, My parents are coming along this time!!! Super great until I realize that my dad is a super picky eater who does not eat fish, hardly chicken, mostly pork or steak.

    Anyone have menu "pictures"? My father is 6'4 280lbs, hes a big eater and I don't know what the rules are with requesting a bigger helping of food, or if they offer steak?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    They have steak at Feathers for sure. I usually do not eat fish either but get your Dad to try the snapper sandwich at the beach grill. It changed my mind.
    As for larger portions, there is no issue if he orders two entrees

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    Check out the restaurant options on the Swept Away section. There ar sample menus for tll of the restaurants. I think that you father will find all of the meat oprions he needs.

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    No rules regarding the food. Even at Feathers I have commented to waitress that I could not decide between two entrees and they respond, "No problem, I will bring both".

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    I would think an all-inclusive resort would be the perfect option for him. If he doesn't like something he orders, he can just order something else. Feathers probably has the best steak at the resort, but we certainly enjoyed the steak at Patois on this past trip.

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    Dad can order multiple entrees, or a few of whatever. There's always pasta and salad bar at the Palms. Three buffets at dinner per week (including the beach party). He can get hamburgers, hot dogs etc at the Beach Grill. We've learned where to order multiples, ie appetizers at Lemongrass.

    This is NOT a meat and potatoes resort. I would highly recommend having dad explore his horizons and taste the local dishes!! He will be happy!

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