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    Does anyone have a favorite dish, or drink, or speciality item that they recommend?

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    Jerk chicken and coco bread. YUMMY! Dirty bananas. YUMMY! Jamaican patties. YUMMY!

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    Dirty banana. Banana stuffed french toast. Snapper sandwich at the grill.
    Life is good

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    Tom Ka soup, grape nut ice cream when available, Hummingbirds.

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    Try any and all soups.

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    Curried goat and anything drink frozen

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    Yes, and Purple Rain, Hummingbirds and of course Pina Coladas. Food is good too. Husband loves the Jamaican patties.

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    After we did our first dive ever, we went to the Beach Grill at CSS and I will never forget the Snapper sandwich and a cold Red Stripe! Good Times!!

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    Snapper fixed any way. All of the soups. Calamari. Goat. Escargot......when you can find it on a menu.
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    soups! all of them! the pizzas, jerk chicken, sweet potato chips...

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    Snapper sandwich! !

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    Vodka & Ting, The Soups for sure!!! Lamb lolly pop chops and the steak n shrimp pad thai @ Lychee (CN) or Lemon Grass (CSA)!!!!!!!

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    When at CSA:

    Drink Rum Cream with your coffee daily!
    Have a Hummingbird with a Rum Cream Float!
    Try a Bob Marley (just because)...
    A Chocolate Martini from the Martini Bar
    Have a smoothie and/or Infused Water @ The Veggie Bar
    Order Continental Breakfast for Room Service
    Try EVERY Soup served at every restaurant! They will blow your mind!
    Must have the “Banana Stuffed French Toast” @ Patios Patio
    Eat a “Beef Pattie” @ The Cabana Grill
    Must have the “Sweet Potato Chips & Dips” @ Seagrapes
    Snapper Sandwich @ Seagrapes
    Eat Jerk Chicken & Curried Goat
    Have a “Fish Taco” or “Jamaican Sushi” @ Seagrapes
    Have any Pizza at Patios Patio

    ***Actually try ALL the foods that you don’t normally eat,. Everything taste GREAT in Jamaica!

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    (Long time coming after vacationing in 8 other's time to return home)!

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